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Not Great

Not been a great day for me today, started off great with a 2nd place cash, but things got worse as the day went on.

Got rather unlucky in the next game when my check-raise on the  turn ran into two pair, twenty minuites later in anohter Sit-N-Go that hand was still in my system so I fell short of the money there too. Just finished my final Sit-N-Go of the day, finishing 4th, putting me around two buy-in’s behind.

Besides tilting off a  game from still steaming over my bad loss with the check-raise I was happy with how I had played today, belive I made all the right descions, just didn’t get paid off.

I’m going to sit in a freeroll on Full  Tilt later and I’m also contemplating sitting an a cash game for awhile, something I haven’t done for months, but feel like having a bash at it for a change.

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