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Been a much better day today. Made a gamble too early on my first game which didn’t pay off for me, but took 1st place in the next and have just come 2nd in my third game of the day so not a bad day so far. I’ve also recouped some early cash game losses which had been haunting me since I first deposited on Poker Stars, by taking a couple of nice pots in a few NL cash games last night.

I got incredibly lucky in my last game to make the money. I was short stacked and push all-in with pocket ten’s, I’m called by AJ which hits an ace and my stack is decimated, the next hand I push all-in with pocket 7’s which thankfully hold up.

After a blind increase and no cards I can fight with, I expected to be railed in 4th, but then this little miracle came to my rescue, securing me a cash finish, which I soon improved to 2nd place money. Having made it to heads-up so unexpectedly though, I was a little off-it, playing auto and threw my good luck away, still though I’m very pleased to make 2nd place here.

If it wasn’t clear by the hand history I was on the verge of being blinded out when two of my opponents have an all-in bout, with one on the rail I’m saved and have a guaranteed a cash finish 🙂


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