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Too Many Gambles?

I’ve just been railed in another sit-n-go, my read was good but I was on the bad side of it. I have pocket 9’s, the flop is 456 rainbow, I raise, its re-raised. Two things go through my mind, I’m either up against AQ, AK or an over pair. After a long thought I decide to make the call, which in this case meant an all-in re-raise.

As the Rounders saying goes “I knew before the cards were even turned over…”, he shows pocket jacks and I don’t improve.

I’ve made lots of similar plays recently, and there not paying off, I’m beginning to think I’m gambling too much in these situations. In hindsight I think I played this bad in two ways :

1. By not instantly calling / instantly re-raising my opponents re-raise I essentially told him I didn’t have the straight already, which put him to a much easier decision.

2. I was also way ahead or way behind, so playing it safe  here and keeping the pot small probably was the better play.


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