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End of Session

Just failed to cash in my 3rd gameĀ  of the day, ending early today at a small loss. The last hand was brutal, I call a 3xBB raise in the BB with pocket 9’s, someone bets out on the flop of all low cards with some straight potential, I re-raise him, he goes all-in, I’ve committed too many chips at this point, and couldn’t put him on a hand he would play like this, he shows A3 off suite for the wheel, I don’t improve and I’m out in 5th. The pre-flop raise threw me, I was sure he didn’t have a pair, he was the chip leader by a huge margin and it looked like he was trying to bully me out of a pot.

My previous game ended similar, I’m very low on chips and check my option in the BB with only me and the SB in the hand, its checked all the way to the river, and then my opponent minimum bets on the river, the river gave me bottom pair so I re-raise all-in, expecting my opponent to try and pick it up with an ace that missed the board, he calls and shows a flopped full house… Fuck!

In each game though, there where two hands where I paid off more then I should have, reducing my stack, so only me to blame. Need to try harder tommorow, even the early 2nd place cash was soured by the fact it wasn’t a 1st place cash :p

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