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18 Player Win

Its been a very slow day today, only just finished my first game of the day. This one was almost two hours though, another 18 player Sit-N-Go, and I’m very pleased to announce I took 1st place 🙂 good job too, to be honest my mind was starting to wander.

I was short stacked on the final table, having to abandon a large pot just before the tables got merged, but I waited patiently and managed to steel a few pots, which I believe I can credit to my tight table image, other times I had high pocket pairs or other strong hands that held up, doubling me up at key times. Around 5 handed I had taken the chip lead and played it safe to ensure I made the money.

Once the bubble burst all stacks where very close, so I had to be careful, but I think I played the right balance, tried to see some flops with hands I would normally drop that had strong potential and stayed out of trouble when I had to, it paid off, I managed to take a few key pots to keep me in the lead and down to 3rd handed.

Once heads-up I soon held a commanding chip lead, but each time I tried to get my opponent all-in, he evaded me, the one time I did manage it, he doubled up and our stacks soon became almost equal. I kept the pressure on though and soon developed an increasing lead, my opponent then started to routinely push all-in when in the BB to steel the blinds, it didn’t phase me too much as I usually stool them back on the next hand, but I didn’t want this to continue so when had a sufficient enough lead I called with jack high, bad timing on my part he showed KTs, luckily for me a jack arrived on the turn to give me the win.

My bankroll has taken a nice increase in profit from this, and after a relatively early morning I’m feeling a bit tired so I might end today’s session on a positive note with just the one game, though I do have to get back into a 4 game routine soon to ensure I make my bonus.

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