Lucky Straights

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Just finished my second and final game of the day with a very poor finish. Scored a 2nd place cash relatively quickly in my first game, though I should have won the thing really.

Opted for another 18 player event for my last game, but made terrible play early, I thought the river had been dealt and I call an all-in with top pair, but that was only the turn another flush card comes on the turn to improve my opponents pocket kings to a flush. I settle in after that and regain my stack, but after a few blind increases I’m short stacked again so push with AQs, everyone folds, next hand I find AJ and push again as I still only have 11 BB’s, I get called by A6s who hits a 6 on the flop to beat me, damit!

Despite feeling good about getting my bankroll up to near $80 I’m struggling to keep my head focused for more then one game per day, this sucks, need to give myself a good kick up the bum to get back on track.

November 27, 2007 Posted by | Sit-N-Go's 2 | , , | 1 Comment