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Just finished my second and final game of the day with a very poor finish. Scored a 2nd place cash relatively quickly in my first game, though I should have won the thing really.

Opted for another 18 player event for my last game, but made terrible play early, I thought the river had been dealt and I call an all-in with top pair, but that was only the turn another flush card comes on the turn to improve my opponents pocket kings to a flush. I settle in after that and regain my stack, but after a few blind increases I’m short stacked again so push with AQs, everyone folds, next hand I find AJ and push again as I still only have 11 BB’s, I get called by A6s who hits a 6 on the flop to beat me, damit!

Despite feeling good about getting my bankroll up to near $80 I’m struggling to keep my head focused for more then one game per day, this sucks, need to give myself a good kick up the bum to get back on track.


November 27, 2007 - Posted by | Sit-N-Go's 2 | , ,

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  1. I think we’ve all probably done that, a moments lack of concentration, either that or you think you’ve hit the straight (yet just cant read the cards right)or something similair, so you’re not alone.

    I’m sure you’ll get ‘back into it’ and a couple of wins should do that nicely!!

    Comment by Dvotee | November 28, 2007 | Reply

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