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Unlucky Straights

Today has been a little fucked up for me, played 3 Sit-N-Go’s and lost everyone because my opponent hit a straight.

In the last game, where I was railed in 5th I played well, but the usual game of re-building all the short stacks over and over had begun and soon I was on the bottom of the stack pile with a little under ten big blinds, as they reached 75/150.

On the final hand I look down at 98s in the BB, another short stack, with maybe 11 or 12 big blinds makes a standard raise, I needed to make a stand and if he had a high pocket pair a hand like 98s gave me the best chance of beating him so I jam all-in, hoping he will fold.

My opponent calls with pocket jacks, the board gives me two pair, and for a moment I think I made a straight and then I realize as the chips slide over to my opponent, no it made him a straight, 789TJ.

Variance… I know, I know, but to loose every game to a single opponent who goes on to make a straight is well fucking sick :p

EDIT : In hindsight I would likely have had more luck getting a middle stack to fold rather then a fellow short stack

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Just had a rather unpleasant beating in my first Sit-N-Go of the day. Its down to 6 handed and I’m in late position and limp in with QJ. I make top pair, and bet a little under the pot, I get one caller, I put him on a jack, but still think my kickers good. The turn brings a queen, I bet out a little more, trying to keep him in with his jack and he re-raises, I think for moment decided the queen couldn’t have gave him a set and re-raise all-in, he quickly calls and shows a straight, 8 to Q, beating my top two pair.

Not long before an all-in player hits a straight to beat my pocket aces, maybe I should change my name to un-lucky straights 😦

It hasn’t been a good day for me poker wise so far. Maybe I should have took some time to think about why he would be re-raising me when the queen hit on the turn.

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After an emotional NL cash game, I didn’t expect to be playing at my best in any Sit-N-Go soon so decided to have a try at Razz on the play money tables on FTP.

loads of people would sit down with only 1000, which is a little daft in a 100/200 game with a 20 ante in my opinion.

It took me a while to get the hang of it and lost half my buy-in in the process, but soon had it doubled, although it was easy to loose plenty of it again.

I was a little supprised with how much action there was, out of the entire table I think only one player could actually play razz, she seemed pretty consistent and new when to make a move and such, most of the other oposition came, busted and dissapered within only a few hands.

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