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First Sit-N-Go

Just completed my first Sit-N-Go, since I developed my eye infection and placed 2nd. I’m still not fit to play as usual yet, but its been days since I’ve sat in a tournament now and I couldn’t resist.

Here’s a few hands that stand out when the action became shorthanded :

This was probably the hand I played worst of all shorthanded. Firstly I did a minimum raise, which was stupid, I should have raised more, but I new the crazy cow on my left will call with almost anything and I didn’t want to be out before the two short stacks.

On the flop I thought about re-raising, but this player would happily call all the way no matter what I bet, and without a hand yet I decided to call. I new the deuce on the turn didn’t help my opponent so I call hoping to pick up an Ace or a Queen on the river, either of which I was sure would have given me the best hand.

I then called a larger bet on the river, this was probably the biggest mistake as I new I was beat, but didn’t want to be bluffed out of a pot. In hindsight it was a clear value bet, if she wanted me out of the pot she would have bet much more, but with so much money out there, I called anyway hoping she held Ax.

Here I found kings, and was happy to see them but also very aware that this could be my last hand, and I would hate to get busted whilst a short stack clung on, but they held up for me. My opponent had made plenty of loose calls at this point, particularly against the chip leader, but I was still a little surprised to see what he called me with.

This was the final hand which was rather interesting, the chip leader knocks us both out at the same time, but it was a community pot and I had the other guy covered so I took 2nd, this is the first time I’ve sat in a game without a heads-up battle.

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Lessons in Tilt Control

I’m bored so despite still being ill, I’ve decided to sit in a 5/10c limit game, as when I get back to regular games I will be playing these and 10/20c limit games to supplement my Sit-N-Go play.

I have already realized that these games are going to provide me with huge lessons in tilt control. Virtually everyone is raising with hands I consider rags and raking in huge pots with utter trash, and then when I make a score I pay off to 56o who re-raised me and flopped trips, beating my pocket kings.

I tried the limit cash games originally to lower my variance and to hopefully improve my NL play, I never achieved either goal originally and its clear my variance will not reduce in the limit games, but I now have no doubt, achieving results in these limit games will improve my NL play.

Here’s the best hand of the game :

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Forced Break

I’m forced to take a break from poker at the moment, as I’ve developed an infection in my eye, which is causing too much pain and discomfort for me to sit in any games, I’m hoping the pain will reduce to a level where I can get back to playing some tournaments soon, but until then I won’t be playing, and hence may not have much to say here until I’m back in the games.

If I haven’t updated for a several days, you can be assured I’ll be back to posting as ussual when I’ve gotten rid of this eye infection.

Until then, Good Skill xxx

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Up and Down

Its been an up and down session today, cashed, then failed to cash in some Sit-N-Go’s, then made a profit from a cash game, then failed to cash in some more Sit-N-Go’s.

I let my emotions get the better of me in one Sit-N-Go, costing me a place in the money,  but  otherwise I think I played well, calling it a day now though, as I’m a little tired.

May not get any games done over the next two days, but I still have a bonus to earn so if I get the opportunity then I’ll sit in a couple of Sit-N-Go’s.

Merry Christmas xxx

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Very Very Pissed Off!

I am very very pissed off right now, I have just lost a huge pot with a set of queens when the river gave the winner a set of kings, added to this I have lost my last two Sit-N-Go’s by being river’ed its been a terrible night and I am fucking sick of loosing countless favorable situations!

Here’s my pain in full pictorial form :

This may have been avoided by a straight push all-in, I’m boggled as much as you are why I didn’t, but the result is still has unpleasant.

This fucking idiot called my all-in push on the turn, where he had only a 15% chance of winning, as he says “he had to take a look”.

I’ve still only played very few NL cash games, but this is twice my set has lost to a higher set made on the river, I am more then a little pissed off about it, I’m like the new fucking Mike Matusow or something!

According to Poker Stove, I was a 88% favorite to win the hand on the flop, and a 96% favorite to win on the turn.

EDIT : I continue some good play on a new table, and regain a chunk of my loss from the set vs set hand and pick up 2 FPP’s, but I’m still really disappointed about not taking that pot down.

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A New High!

After taking 1st in another Sit-N-Go, I have now got my bankroll up to its highest point $83+ 🙂

This was my favorite hand of the match, and took quite a bit of work and patience to setup (believe it or not), so I’m very pleased to pull it off.,13290.0.html

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Half Way There!

I’ve just finished 2nd in my first Sit-N-Go since my two days break from them, and had a nice game, took a pot with AA and KK, but then lost more then I should with an over-sized c-bet with my 2nd pocket kings. I managed to get to heads-up though and had a nice match, it was a good first game after taking a break from such a poor run.

Anyways besides the 2nd place cash, I earned one more FPP which now puts me up to 250 points, exactly half way towards my bonus, and I still have over 100 days left to earn those remaining points.

Time for a celebratory cup of tea 🙂

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Just got back from the casino, and in an effort to punish myself into playing better have documented my pitiful play and early bust out on the Home Poker Tourney forums, heres the thread :

Self Shaming

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Wheres my rush?

I’m beginning to feel I’m jinxed in these cash games, I’m surrounded by crazy people raking in loads of huge pots and I’m constantly being let down. Here’s 3 key hands, which occurred in quick succession and all of them fail me :

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Finally after 4 1/2 hours of play and sitting at 3 tables at the same time, I turn it around and leave without a loss.

What an experience…

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