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I’ve just completed my first and final sit-n-go of the day (as I’m away from home) and am delighted to say I took first place. It wasn’t easy though and the 3 handed battle took an age to get through.

My theory about my play seemed to be correct, I feel I played better in this game then any other I had played in, in over a month and am delighted to take 1st place. It has also corrected some of my previously incorrect shorthanded play, when short stacked.

The only downside of the evening is that before this game, I registered in another but was never able to play in it, the table window never popped up and I couldn’t find the game so despite winning the only game I have played in today, I’ve also lost one buy-in plus fee. I’ve e-mailed Poker Stars support about this and hope they will refund this money for me.

Edit : Apparently you can find all tournaments you are registered in via the “registered in tournaments” option on the requests menu with the Poker Stars main lobby.


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  1. Just wandering the web and came across your blog. As someone who is a bit further along on the poker quest let me give you a couple of pieces of advice:

    1. Stop caring about the money, focus on the play. If you think about money when playing you are easily exploitable, no good player plays scared.

    2. Learn to play cash games, especially short handed cash games- these games require the most skill and consequently produce the best poker players. If you want to succeed learning how to beat these games will allow you to more easily beat any other type of game.

    3. Become positionally aware- in your posts you rarely mention position but always mention your cards, position is as important as you cards.

    4. Semi-bluff – if you always bet made hands and check/call draws you are too predictable, consider betting and raising with draws about 1/4-1/3 of the time. This will make you much harder to play against.

    5. Study- You seem to play a lot of poker and based on this blog you really want to be good. The best way to get better is to study, review your hand histories, read a good poker book, read the forums at twoplustwo. I spend about 1/3 of my poker time studying and 2/3 playing and I think it would help you.

    P.S. If you encounter a maniac the correct play in not to wait for cards, because then when you move at him he knows you have him beat and thus can get away. The correct strategy is to lower you betting and raising standards especially pre-flop.

    Good luck to you,

    Comment by joseffreedom | December 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hia, thanks a lot for all the advise and for stopping by.

    1. This as been a factor that as effected my game in the past, especially with cash games, though strangely only online where as I record everything I suppose a $1 win means more here then a $40 win live, strange I know. Its never a factor when I play with friends or even people I’ve never played with before offline, I think the very unpredictable nature of my opponents in the low limit games effects me, perhaps too much.

    2. I’ve started playing the odd cash game now and then, and when the cards come I enjoy them, but related to your fist point, I’m also nervous of them and play scared, something to work on. I usually only seek the full tables, which is another point related to playing with scared money, as on a full table I’m paying less blinds waiting for hands I will play.

    I generally play the opposite to popular poker theory, where I should play more hands against weaker opponents as I can out play them, online though I generally play very few hands as the very unpredictable nature and stupidity of my opponents makes me cautious, perhaps over cautious.

    offline, especially against someone I know who can play, I really enjoy it, farm more then I ever do online and am capable of making some really “creative” moves.

    3 / 4. Position is something I’ve had drilled down for some time I feel, same with the semi bluff which I use fairly well I fell. I agree that I don’t mention either on here very much, perhaps thats something I can change to make my blog better and allow readers to pick up on more things that could do with some improvement.

    5. I’ve just completed my first poker book actually, Lee Jones book on Low Limit Hold’em. After I switched from the limit cash games to the Sit-N-Go’s it wasn’t as much use to me, but felt that I wanted to complete the text anyway and the final chapters on the NL sit-n-go where very well thought out and will defiantly be of use.

    Study as always been a large part of my game and will continue to be so, I also have Doyle’s Super System 2 and the Harrington on Hold’em series to get stuck into, after I’ve got my teeth into them I’m looking forward to reading Sklansky’s and Malmuth’s text on Hold’em for Advanced Players.

    Thanks again for all your advise, I’ll keep you posted on how I’m fairing on the felt.

    Good Skill xxx

    Comment by luckystraights | December 2, 2007 | Reply

  3. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    Comment by Idetrorce | December 15, 2007 | Reply

  4. What don’t you agree with ?

    Comment by luckystraights | December 17, 2007 | Reply

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