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Today’s Game

Just completed my 1st game of the day, been un-able to play until, so have only managed one game today. I came 2nd which I’m happy with as the chip leader had around a 5:1 advantage when we became heads-up, I battled for awhile, but just couldn’t double up enough to take the win. The final hand I moved all-in with Ax, was called by pocket tens, I made top pair on the river, but the same ace gave my opponent the nut straight.

I think I played really well in this game also and am keen to see if I can keep it up after having so many up and downs lately.

Two hands I think, I may have played too passively though :

1. This was the very first hand of the tournament. I didn’t want to raise it up so early, but thought my hand was worth seeing a flop with, especially with only a minimum raise out in front, a higher raise and I would have folded pre-flop. I make top pair, but didn’t want to risk too many chips, in case someone held an 8 and wanted to check-raise, otherwise I may have made a bet around 2/3 the size of the pot. When the king came, I didn’t even hold top pair so had an easy lay down. Should I have played this more aggressive on the flop ?


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