Lucky Straights

The ramblings and mumblings of a wannabe poker pro

Game 1

Just been railed in 4th in my first game. I got lucky very early with AQs and doubled up through a busted flush draw and held onto a similar size stack all the way to 4 handed.

I felt like a bit of a rock though, at one point, I only saw the flop 6% of the time, but with a healthy stack, although not a huge one and no cards I didn’t feel the need to gamble. When it came down to 4 handed though, I think I left it a little too late and should have picked up more pots as I was now the short stack.

I think I played the final hand OK, but I have ran into the same situation several times before so I’m not sure. My reasoning on this hand, where two fold, I couldn’t check on such a safe flop, I was certain he didn’t have trips and give a free card to hit a king, queen or ace, and a standard raise was surely getting called by AK / AQ, so I thought pushing here was my best option.

I hate my minimum re-raise, but I guess I played it scared and wanted to take a look at the flop before I pushed, in hindsight I was probably better just jamming pre-flop instead of being overly worried about a rag ace calling,  given this fact I was probably better simply calling his raise rather then re-raising the minimum.


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