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Today’s Sit-N-Go

Just taken first in my first sit-n-go of the day. I won’t be sitting in another tonight as I have my eye on taking part in another scheduled tournament instead.

The game went well, I managed to increase my stack by a large amount very early on and hung on to it until the middle stage of the tournament, by this time I was getting low on chips, but managed to take down one or two pots and survived enough to double up once or twice and steel some blinds whilst shorthanded.

The heads-up match was enjoyable, despite the chip lead swinging between us a lot, in the final hand I put my opponent all-in with top pair, which improved to two pair on the turn, he needed a flush card to give him a king high flush, and happily for me it didn’t come, giving me the win.

After throwing away 3 games to tilt early yesterday I would have been disappointed with anything but a 1st place finish here, so I am very pleased.

This is one of the more crazy hands from the game, where some maniac called a huge re-raise with only 54 off suite!


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