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Lucky Big Stack

Just been railed in my first Sit-N-Go of the day, finished in 5th. I’m very annoyed about not winning, or at least cashing in this, I played well, but one of my opponents got lucky against me twice, firstly decimating my stack by hitting a set on the river and then busting me by hitting a flush on the river.

This was the turning point for me, I’ll be posting for feedback on this, as it was this hand that lead to my early demise, maybe I could have gotten away from it?,12968.0.html

Heres the final hand :

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Another 3rd Place

Sat in another Sit-N-Go, but only made 3rd again. I’m glad to have made up for the 50c loss on the larger tournament, but I’m still very disappointed with not having made at least 2nd place money.

The failure came down to playing one hand very badly, which reduced my stack enough to put me under far greater pressure as it became 3 handed.

I was so disappointed with only finishing 3rd earlier, I decided to play this hand safe by limping in, which was the opposite of what I should have done, it gave me no information about what my opponents where likely holding and I was forced to drop it on the end.

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Bad Play

Just ran unlucky in a second scheduled $0.50 tournament on Poker Stars, the final hand I’m forced to push all-in just before another blind increase with only around 9 big blinds. I’m praying everyone will fold, but the one guy I know who will call with anything, I get my wish and even before his cards are flipped I’m confident my cards are good.

I’m cooled on the flop though, I hit top pair with my ace but my opponent flops two pair, I don’t improve and I’m on the rail.

The turning point for me was having to abandon AQs after putting in too much money for the early stage of the tournament, I should have checked the flop rather then made a continuation bet, I played it dumb and paid the price.

Crap, it gets worse, after loading the hand I’ve just realized I wasn’t even suited, I shouldn’t have even limped in with this so early. I think the table dynamic put me off my usual game, it seemed tighter then usual, I was soon proved wrong, this was a very bad play.

In slightly brighter news I sat in a standard Sit-N-Go earlier and cashed in 3rd, a little disappointed as I played well, but just couldn’t get past the big stack when 3 handed. I did take down too large pots with a couple of traps though, one when I was lucky enough to flop a nut flush and sold myself as weak to induce a bluff and another when I made trips with AJ.

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