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Bad Play

Just ran unlucky in a second scheduled $0.50 tournament on Poker Stars, the final hand I’m forced to push all-in just before another blind increase with only around 9 big blinds. I’m praying everyone will fold, but the one guy I know who will call with anything, I get my wish and even before his cards are flipped I’m confident my cards are good.

I’m cooled on the flop though, I hit top pair with my ace but my opponent flops two pair, I don’t improve and I’m on the rail.

The turning point for me was having to abandon AQs after putting in too much money for the early stage of the tournament, I should have checked the flop rather then made a continuation bet, I played it dumb and paid the price.

Crap, it gets worse, after loading the hand I’ve just realized I wasn’t even suited, I shouldn’t have even limped in with this so early. I think the table dynamic put me off my usual game, it seemed tighter then usual, I was soon proved wrong, this was a very bad play.

In slightly brighter news I sat in a standard Sit-N-Go earlier and cashed in 3rd, a little disappointed as I played well, but just couldn’t get past the big stack when 3 handed. I did take down too large pots with a couple of traps though, one when I was lucky enough to flop a nut flush and sold myself as weak to induce a bluff and another when I made trips with AJ.


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