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I haven’t had a good day at the tables today. It started off so well, a cash game in the early hours, brought me over $82, the highest point my bankroll as reached so far, but after a horrific bad beat in a cash game, I had lost $4 before even sitting in any tournaments. My confidence was knocked and a bit tilted so a few more losses folded.

Only just pulled myself back together, but ran unlucky once more in the tournaments, each time moving all-in when I’m ahead and end up on the rail. I can’t count how many all-in’s I’ve lost where I was a favorite, or at worst even money recently, its been getting me down.

Anyways here’s a couple of hands :

This is the final hand of my last Sit-N-Go. This was a loose call I admit, but having called the BB, I wanted to see a flop, facing only a 2x raise. On the flop, I hit 2nd pair and I read my opponent correctly as trying to buy the pot and call.

This was an earlier hand in the same game, I was in a great position and playing well, when disaster struck. I flop trip jacks, for a change of pace I actually wanted to play this slower, but with a flush draw out there I had to play it reasonably fast.

I actually couldn’t put him on a hand, with me leading out, he could quite easily not buy me for a jack, as most online players check trips / sets on the flop, though he would have raised with AK, AQ, and AJ which would have me well and truly beat. A king comes on the turn and I’m re-raised by my opponent who goes all-in, now I’m thinking as he doesn’t buy me for holding a jack, he’s thinking his Kx is good, I call, and he shows KJ and to add insult to injury a queen pops up on the river.


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  1. Good to see you are playing some cash games now, they have lower variance and require more skill so if you are dedicated to poker they should produce better and more consistant results.

    Stop worrying about your bankroll though, the only thing a bankroll is good for is getting to play the games. As long as you are properly rolled for the level you are playing don’t worry about how much money you have, what you are up or down for the day, just worry about what your and your opponents cards are.

    I liked the first hand, second hand is a cooler. You seem to post a lot of bad beats which is a losing players mentality, try to post your toughest decisions. Hand 1 was an interesting decision, hand 2 every singly player is going broke in your spot. Good luck to you and keep plugging away, I can see improvement in your play and in your blog.


    Comment by joseffreedom | December 14, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks, I’ve come to agree that consistent solid play in the cash games, will help me in the tournaments and give me experience in new situations.

    Your correct about me posting lots of bad beats by the way, it annoys me, but I seem to have had my share of them of late. To be honest the main reason is usually that the last hand of a match is far easier to find in the data file, then a hand somewhere in the middle of 500 lines of txt. I’ll make an effort to post some more beneficial hands.

    I was really pleased with my read with J6o, it took me a good few hours, to get over the buzz of making what I thought was a great read. Making a good read is my favorite thing in poker.

    Comment by luckystraights | December 14, 2007 | Reply

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