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Great when a plan works out

After breaking even in my Sit-N-Go’s and having nothing much to do I wanted to try and earn a little profit in a 1/2c NL cash game.

The table I end up picking, has one big stack with just over the max buy-in, and from watching a few hands before I post and looking at the chat history, its clear he’s been bullying the table, by making huge bets, and big bluffs and they would all fold to him.

I wanted to take down a huge pot from this jerk.

My first hand comes, AA, I think for a moment and call a 3xBB raise in front, hoping he’ll come over the top, he doesn’t he folds, but I flop a set and take down the pot anyway. He folds a few hands, and then when I’m not in the pot with him starts making huge bets to chase out the little guys and showed down a few bluffs.

Then I make a score, and end up stacking him. The call on the river wasn’t easy, he could have easily made two pair, a set, or anything, but this was what I had planned and here was my moment, I call, and take him down Grin

In only two hands I played against him I managed to take all his money, the perfect end to the day.


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  1. I like the line you took on this hand, you gave the aggessive player a chance to stack-off bluff and he took it. There is no way that 2 helped him and given his profile he is never slow-playing a made hand, therefore you can be sure you are ahead here. Well played


    Comment by joseffreedom | December 17, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks, I was fearful of him making a silly two pair, but was relieved when I realized he paid me off on a sheer bluff.

    I tend to look for players like this on the cash games, rather then trying to find a weak passive table, as if you get a good hand that holds up the rewards can relatively huge as was in this case.

    Comment by luckystraights | December 18, 2007 | Reply

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