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Whats the Odds?

I’m in a 18 player Sit-N-Go on Poker Stars, and have had quads twice 🙂

I was lucky enough to avoid an ace, king or queen on the flop here, and made a set on the turn, but the 3rd jack made a flush possible so I check, the river brought a nice site though, a fourth jack!

This hand played itself, I was short stacked and moved all-in with KK, I flop a set and then make quads on the river!


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After My Bonus…

My variance in the micro limit Sit-N-Go’s has been consistently very high for a long enough period now, that I have started to consider my options once I have achieved my bonus on Poker Stars.

I have had two aims with my online play, to increase my bankroll so that I can move up in limits and to gain experience and improve my game. I feel I have achieved the second, but are failing to make much progress on my first aim, my bankroll as been stabilized between $70 and $80 for some time. which I feel isn’t a significant enough increase on my deposit amount for the time commitment. However I will continue in the Sit-N-Go’s to ensure a steady stream of frequent player points until I have earned my bonus.

An obvious alternative to the single table Sit-N-Go’s is either limit or NL cash games. I enjoy both formats of cash games in theory, but I find the online micro limit variety very boring and seldom have the patience to sit in one for long enough.

Something I’ve considered is to focus more on live play at the local casinos. I have regular low limit tournaments with buy-ins from $4 to $40 within walking distance that I could use to build up a bankroll and which will also give me the benefit of some much needed live experience. I’m planning on sitting in my first casino tournament this Friday, so I’ll see how I feel about this after that.

I’ll be pleased to hear some opinions on this, if anyone has any suggestions or advise, etc.

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Been a terrible day today, 3 Sit-N-Go’s and finished 6th, 5th and 4th in each. Played well in each, and better still in my last game where some nice cards helped me hold on to the chip lead until 5 handed.

I believe I played all my hands well, with the possible exception of the following 2 :

Here, I was in a similar position that I faced not long ago with AJ, only this time I feel I should have opened with a raise, rather then folding to an expect raise from the big stack who had begun to bully the table, in fact a limp, re-raise would have been even better, but its still a marginal hand so I dropped it before it got me into trouble. I can’t decide if this was a good lay down or I had just gotten soft ?

Here, my stack had dwindled to a point where I needed to take down a pot, and when I found AQ in the BB, I judged it a good enough hand to make a stand and go all-in against the big stacks raise. This wouldn’t be a move I would normally make, but the chip leader had been raising lots of pots, and pushing all-in rather a lot, and had started to bully the table. Unfortunately this time I was up against AK.

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