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After another disappointing run in the Sit-N-Go’s, I finished the day off with a 2 1/2 hour NL cash game session. Things where going terrible at first, no good cards at all in the first hour and lost big with my set over set, and AJ running into AK.

After that table broke up, I spent another hour and a half grinding it out and regained most of my losses and started to have a little fun, it was a nice change of pace from the tournaments.

I’ve decided to take a short break from the Sit-N-Go’s now, I’m not sure how I’ll achieve this break, either take a day off and only play cash games, or only play one or two tournaments compared to my usual three or four, but its something I feel I need to do right now. Hopefully I’ll then be able to return with a clear head and start to rebuild some success in the Sit-N-Go’s again.

I’ve been advised to get hold of a copy of NL Hold’em Theory by David Sklansky, which I will order today. I’m not very experienced with NL cash games, so it will be interesting and very rewarding to try and build up via these instead of the Sit-N-Go’s, which I have predominantly been playing for some time now.


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I was about to kick the crap out of my computer screen after this :

Twice, in the last two games now I’ve made a set on the turn, and my opponent made a higher set on the river, I’m not happy 😦

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Looking to kill some time until a tournament stars I sit in another 18 player Sit-N-Go. I’ve just witnessed a few crazy plays so I buckle in for a bumpy few rounds until most of the idiots are busted.

I find QQ in the CO and raise to 4xBB, it gets re-raised from the BB, I now my hand is good, but its too early in the tournament for a re-raise, don’t want to go broke to an Ax that may hit, so I just call, the button calls behind me.

The flops all baby cards, so I lead out, the button calls and the BB folds. The turn gives me a set, now I’m sure I’m ahead but it could also have completed a flush draw so I lead out to see if I’m getting re-raised. If the turn made this guy a flush I’m sure he would re-raise me here, as he just calls I feel I’m way ahead of maybe an under pair or AK/AQ thats hanging on for an ace or king.

The river brings a king, so I check, hoping my show of weakness will persuade my opponent to move all-in, he’s pushed a few times already so this was easily in is nature to do it with AJ, but I was hoping he had AK, and pushed thinking he was ahead.

I get my wish, but loose the pot.

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