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Finally after 4 1/2 hours of play and sitting at 3 tables at the same time, I turn it around and leave without a loss.

What an experience…

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Twin Tables

I’ve opened up another cash table, and I’m now playing two at the same time, never done this before with NL, but I’ve been sitting here for very nearly 4 hours, so anything that will help me take in some money for a change is a bonus at this point.

I’m also realizing that my bankroll is too small for the cash games, loosing a couple of maximum buy-ins, even on the 0.1/0.2 tables is a huge slice of my bankroll, which makes it even more important for me to get back to playing well in the Sit-N-Go’s to build my bankroll back up after loosing a couple of buy-ins in the cash games.

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A Shit Time

I’m having a shit time this session. Been sat playing non stop for close to 3 hours, getting nothing but junk, I have to move tables 3 times after they all break, up, all my money’s going on blinds as I wait and wait.

Then on a new table I watch a stupid idiot donk off more then half his stack with T9s, capping the betting with nothing, next hand he goes all-in, I put it down to steaming and call with 99, not a great hand, but the best hand I’ve had in 3 hours. He shows AT and paired his T on the flop to double up and decimate my stack.

I’m sick of being surrounded by action with no cards, I’ve had crap all night. I’ve added to my stack, in case a good hand does eventually come, but I’ve now put $10 down on this session and would like to see a return for my time.

Another session like this tomorrow and I’ll be glad to get back to the tournaments, paying more then 15 orbits of the blinds without a hand fucking stinks!

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