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Lessons in Tilt Control

I’m bored so despite still being ill, I’ve decided to sit in a 5/10c limit game, as when I get back to regular games I will be playing these and 10/20c limit games to supplement my Sit-N-Go play.

I have already realized that these games are going to provide me with huge lessons in tilt control. Virtually everyone is raising with hands I consider rags and raking in huge pots with utter trash, and then when I make a score I pay off to 56o who re-raised me and flopped trips, beating my pocket kings.

I tried the limit cash games originally to lower my variance and to hopefully improve my NL play, I never achieved either goal originally and its clear my variance will not reduce in the limit games, but I now have no doubt, achieving results in these limit games will improve my NL play.

Here’s the best hand of the game :


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  1. Cheers. Thanks for your comment on my blog and all the best for 2008.

    I am becoming more convinced that tilt control is the most important factor in being a winning player. Even yesterday, after having being on a heater recently, I was feeling a bit on tilt after losing 2 buy-ins at NL due to 2 hands; in the first, I had AdKd and on an A 8 6 flop my opponent kept calling my pot-sized bets chasing a flush which he hit on the river; in the second I also got rivered. Now I know that I played these hands well, and my opponents didn’t, but you still fell tilted, and that affects subsequent play. So the most important innovation that I have made to my game is to have a 2 buy-in stop trigger. I suspect it has already improved my results dramatically.
    Hope you get better!

    Comment by blindtilt | December 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. Actually variance is a lot smaller in limit games so if you want to decrease variance limit can do that. The downside to limit is it is a less-skilled game so if you are a winning player your win rate goes down.

    Good luck,

    Comment by joseffreedom | December 29, 2007 | Reply

  3. I find it hard to keep control when I’m surrounded by stupid idiots and awful play, I really hate the throw the money in and gamble with anything mentality in the micro stakes and look forward to leaving them behind. I tilt less after suffering from a bad beat then I do when I’m surrounded by jerks being stupid.

    I’ve recently bought ‘Zen and The Art of Poker’ to help me with my own tilt issues.

    My main focus with the limit cash games at the moment is to simply get to a point where I can beat them consistently, I’m not there yet, my limit play is way behind my NL play and needs plenty of work.

    Once I feel I’m happy, I’ll move up to 10/20 and just play now and then as an alternative to NL cash games and tournaments.

    Comment by luckystraights | December 30, 2007 | Reply

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