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First Sit-N-Go

Just completed my first Sit-N-Go, since I developed my eye infection and placed 2nd. I’m still not fit to play as usual yet, but its been days since I’ve sat in a tournament now and I couldn’t resist.

Here’s a few hands that stand out when the action became shorthanded :

This was probably the hand I played worst of all shorthanded. Firstly I did a minimum raise, which was stupid, I should have raised more, but I new the crazy cow on my left will call with almost anything and I didn’t want to be out before the two short stacks.

On the flop I thought about re-raising, but this player would happily call all the way no matter what I bet, and without a hand yet I decided to call. I new the deuce on the turn didn’t help my opponent so I call hoping to pick up an Ace or a Queen on the river, either of which I was sure would have given me the best hand.

I then called a larger bet on the river, this was probably the biggest mistake as I new I was beat, but didn’t want to be bluffed out of a pot. In hindsight it was a clear value bet, if she wanted me out of the pot she would have bet much more, but with so much money out there, I called anyway hoping she held Ax.

Here I found kings, and was happy to see them but also very aware that this could be my last hand, and I would hate to get busted whilst a short stack clung on, but they held up for me. My opponent had made plenty of loose calls at this point, particularly against the chip leader, but I was still a little surprised to see what he called me with.

This was the final hand which was rather interesting, the chip leader knocks us both out at the same time, but it was a community pot and I had the other guy covered so I took 2nd, this is the first time I’ve sat in a game without a heads-up battle.

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