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Not a Good Start

I’m just about feeling comfortable enough to get back in to some routine play now, but I’m not off to a very good start.

I was bubbled in 4th place twice yesterday and once again just now, where my two pair ran into quads, my other finish of the day occurred only two minutes (I was multi-tabling) later where my raise was re-raised with QQ, I was short stacked the blinds where high so I called and go all-in with A8s, and I’m out in eighth.

In each game I think I played well overall, and either ran unlucky or made a large enough mistake that cost me the game either directly or a few hands later.

Over all though I think I have gone back to my old habit of playing really passive when 4/5 handed, especially 4 handed. In one of today’s games I folded QJ as the short stacked, when really I should have raised and I may have even been justified to push all-in with it, as the table was 4 handed and I had only 12 BB’s or so.

I’m going to have a short break, drink a cup of tea and watch the FTP Learn From The Pro’s episode on aggression, that always used to cure me of my passive bubble play, if I’m feeling good then I’ll sit in another game and try and improve over these recent failings.

Besides the two Sit-N-Go’s though, I’ve had a few games of poker with my house mates, both 3 handed games and heads-up matched, which was fun, we even had a few rounds of 7 card stud hi/low.

EDIT : after the time its taken me to  make a brew, I’ve realized I played both of my final hands terribly, and that mistake cost me the match in each case. Hopefully zen will come to my rescue and help me avoid blowing my hard work on bad decisions.

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