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Sit ‘N Go’s

After scanning a few articles on Sit-N-Go’s, I’m reminded of the fact my ROI needs vast improvement for me to be able to build my bankroll with the Sit-N-Go’s, and as I favor them over cash games, I really need to get my game ironed out.

A quick overview of how I have been playing lately would be :

I play pretty well up to shorthanded, but can throw away large portions of my stack either c-betting on the flop and turn against a calling station when I miss or by making loose calls, that I justify by the size of the pot.

After loosing a large portion of my stack in such situations, or by being reduced to the short stack by the chip leaders doubling up the shorter stack(s), I become passive and try to find a good hand that I can be confident with.

If I don’t take down a few small ports or double up so my stack is a more comfortable size, I start to look for a hand that I can get all my chips in with and try and double up. I think this is an area that I can improve on, I seem to throw away solid marginal hands like KJ, QJs, QT whilst 4 handed, but then jam after only 2 or 3 more orbits with much weaker hands like A7 or K5s. I think I need to need to put some thought into handling push / fold situations.

Otherwise I need to keep focused and not rush my decisions, wasting all my good play and time commitment by badly playing one hand that sends me out in 2nd or lower.

Hopefully I’ll fair better in the Sit-N-Go’s tomorrow, but I do need to work much harder in future.

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  1. anything over 25% ROI is real good. I’m not sure what you consider successful but from what I’ve read 25% is pretty good. Good Luck!

    Comment by brooklyn bum | January 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. When I first started in the Sit-N-Go’s my ROI was consistently around 16 – 18% which I was happy with, when I won a couple of the 2 table $1 tournaments it shot up to around 25%.

    Then it all fell apart, my Sit-N-Go ROI has dwindled to almost nothing for months now, a huge slice of that was down to a very bad run not long ago, and the remainder, maybe more then 60% will be down to leaks in my game I’ve developed and some will be down to making some high variance moves, like calling an all-in on the flop with 2nd pair, against someone I put on two overs.

    If I can get my ROI back up to 25% and keep it there I’ll be very happy.

    I’m going to try and work really hard over these next few days to get in some serious time in the tournaments and to re-tune my game, so that I get my confidence and results back to where they should be.

    Thanks for your support, appreciate it xxx

    Comment by luckystraights | January 2, 2008 | Reply

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