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Today’s Hands

I’m going to try really hard over these next few days to get my ROI from the Sit-N-Go’s back to where it should be. The target I’m aiming for is 25%. So I am going to post some key hands from the days Sit-N-Go’s so that my readers can point out any flaws in my thinking or offer comments, etc.

Sit-N-Go – 1

Here I found AJs, and was in a pretty good chip position for the table, I considered raising pre-flop with them being suited, but decided against it because a player behind me had started to push all-in frequently and I didn’t want open with a raise only to have to fold to a push.

The flop gave me 2nd pair with top kicker, its bet for the minimum and I fold without much thought, as there was a flush draw out there, and with plenty of players behind me, if the limper didn’t have a king someone else probably does.

I’m sure this was a good fold, but it was the only hand of note that I was involved.

I wasn’t involved in this hand, but it stood out to me.

I felt the short stacks pain here, he lead out, and got called all the way, by a very weak draw from the chip leader, that came good.

Sit-N-Go – 2

In my 2nd game, I got lucky where I needed to and took 1st place. I’ve just gone over the major hands and was surprised how many times my pair held up against over cards, but I’ve been on the other end of it many times, so I’m not feeling bad for the other guy, not for one second.

This was my first major hand, where I flopped a set with 44, at the time I thought of this as a bit of a loose call, because the table has seen a lot of crazy action and I wouldn’t have been surprised if the short stack moved all-in pre-flop, but I felt good about the hand and my limp paid off.

I bet smaller then I normally do with a set, as there where no clear draws out there and I wanted to keep them both in with me.

This was my first coin flip, where I held 99 against AJ. I was well aware that the raise from the chip leader, going by his previous actions and my previous experience of similar players could be with almost anything, either an under pair such as 77 or 88, or two over cards, so being the short stack and in the money I decided it was worth it to call his all-in.

Luckily my pair held up and I doubled up.

Here I checked my option from the BB with Q5 and hit two pair. I raised for value here, but not too much as I wanted to keep my opponent in with me hoping he had KQ, JQ, or AQ. The turn brought a scare card, which made straight more likely and made a made a flush draw possible, so I took my chance that he didn’t hit a straight and raised more aggressively to charge any draws.

It was unlikely he hung on with just a 4, but I played it safe on the river when the board paired and just called his small bet.

Here I raise pre-flop heads-up with a pocket 7’s and flop an over pair and an inside straight draw. My opponent puts me to the test on the flop, but again going by his previous actions I call and my hand improves to a straight giving me a huge pot.

Here my opponent held the chip lead, after taking a few pots previously, and he pushed all-in against my pocket 8′, it looked like he was trying to take the pot down there, so I call and my hand holds up, giving me a huge chip lead.

The final hand he pushes all-in, which I knew he would with anything after loosing that huge pot previously, and I have an easy call with AJ, which holds up to give me the win.

Sit-N-Go – 3

Not a good result here, I only made 5th place. I’m trying to avoid the expression “card dead” now, so I won’t use it, but I didn’t get much to work with. The game seemed really passive with lots of folds to minimum raises, but I never found hands suitable to make a move with, such as QJ, or even JTs, and when I had a mediocre hand like QT, someone would open in front. I think I did my best though, lost the minimum, picked up a few pots to stay a float and just didn’t make the money this time.

On the final hand I find pocket J’s and I’m very low on chips so I have an easy decision and push all-in. This time my pair doesn’t hold up against the overs when AQ flops a queen, so I just sit back and hope to flop a set, didn’t happen this time, but again I’m happy with how I played.

Sit-N-Go – 4

Another loss here I’m afraid, had some cards though, and built up a nice stack before my queens ran into kings, sending me out in 6th.

Here I find AT not a hand I usually play this early but there was only one limper in front and I got in for half price from the small blind. I flop top pair, but theres 3 cards to a straight so I lead out to see where I’m at and get quickly re-raised the minimum, I fold without giving it a thought, he could have easily been semi-bluffing with a J, but I judged it wasn’t worth it, was I correct to fold so readily?

In the CO I find AK, someone has already opened the pot for 4xBB, but he’s raised plenty of pots in short order and could have made the raise with JT so I call. I miss the flop and have an easy fold.

I was begging to think this lunatic had flopped a set or something the way he called me so readily, I couldn’t believe the garbage he turned over.

I was lucky enough to get pocket aces here, but I think I should have got more value from it, do you think I was too aggressive on the flop? Problem is I’ve been sucked out on so much during my bad run not long ago, sometimes I find myself ending the action too early, rather then taking a small risk for a greater return.

This was my final had, I found pocket queens, and re-raised pre-flop just like I did with  my kings earlier on.

My opponent made a large bet on the flop, I just figured he had made top pair with something like AT or was trying to represent he had flopped trips, I didn’t buy him for the trips, so re-raised the minimum, a sign of doubt, maybe should I have just pushed all-in there?

I  lead out weakly on the  turn, not wanting to push all-in, but I know I’m committed so call his all-in on the river. I’m just wondering if I played this too fast, if he had the flush on the river, well I was willing to pay him off, I  had put too much in to fold there, but should I have seen the kings coming?

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