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More Sit-N-Go Hands

Sit-N-Go – 1

I wasn’t concentrating here, was playing bored and browsing the web at the same time, and re-raised with queens when it was too early, I missed the flop and had to drop it, he could have easily made a c-bet with JJ or even KQ but it was too early to put him to the test. My mistake was re-raising pre-flop.

Here I was still not concentrating and was busy browsing the web, when I came back to the game I called by mistake with my few remaining chips and got very lucky to hang on in. After getting so lucky, I closed Firefox and paid attention, determined to make something out of my good fortune.

I was painfully aware that AJ is not a great holding here, but I was at the bottom of the chip pile and the blinds where high, so I decided to push all-in and hope I wasn’t dominated by AQ or AK, as the cards where turned I saw the worst, my opponent had an easy call with AK, but I got lucky to stay alive.

This was the final hand, and is a hand I hardly ever play, unless its heads-up, but after a blind increase I didn’t even have enough chips for two more orbits, so I pushed all-in and hoped for the best. I was lucky enough to be a slight favorite over QT but my opponent hit the flop like a sledgehammer to send me out in 4th.

I didn’t mind, I had to try and get lucky, and on the final hand I didn’t get there, I was pleased to last so long after getting lucky when I was critically low earlier, and I feel I caused my own downfall by not paying attention earlier on.

I’m going to busy myself with something else for awhile now and get back to some games when I’ve got my head screwed on. I actually feel quite good though, perhaps the ‘zen and the art of poker’ book is doing me good, I got bubbled and still feel good :p

Sit-N-Go – 2 (multi-tabling, 1 of 2)

I decided to run two Sit-N-Go’s at the same time, as I’ve realized that I shouldn’t need detailed notes on my opponents in the $1 Sit-N-Go’s and if I can manage it, it will be much more efficient doing two at once and will earn me my bonus much sooner. I found it a little distracting focusing on the two tables, but I was a little distracted through other factors mid way through anyway. I’m going to stick to mostly doing them one at a time for now, but plan to gradually increase the frequency that I multi-table them, until I am solely doing two at a time.

I made it to heads-up, but my opponent had a commanding chip lead over me, and after folding for a few hands I needed to take down or pot, and preferably double up to be within a fighting chance of taking 1st place.

For my final hand I found A8 and opened with a 4xBB raise, I miss the flop, but particularly heads-up theres a good chance it missed my opponent too so I lead out with a strong continuation bet hoping for a fold, he calls. The turn brought some relief by giving me an A high flush draw and I move all-in, expecting to win with either a flush card or an ace, but again hoping for a fold, my opponent calls, I miss my outs on the river and I finish 2nd.

Now I know this was an aggressive play, but I needed chips and felt that shoving all-in on the turn gave me the best chance to win the hand right there and I still had out if I got a call. I was a little distracted by external events though, so perhaps I was wrong, how do you feel about it?

Sit-N-Go – 3 (multi-tabling, 2 of 2)

In MP I woke up with kings and opened the pot with a 4xBB raise, I got one caller. The flop looked safe, but there where flush and straight potential so I lead out with nearly a pot size bet, my opponent calls. The turn brings an A and I decide to lead out to see whether it helped my opponent he comes over the top and I fold. He could have sensed weakness in my turn bet, and semi-bluffed with a flush draw, but I figured it was more likely he hit the ace or it made him the nut straight with KT.

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