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Sit-N-Go – 1

I’m being lazy and skipping to my final hand in this tournament, but everything else was pretty normal.

Anyways, its heads-up, and despite taking down a few pots, the chip leader has still got a huge lead over me. I find 96 and call the BB who checks behind.

On the flop I make an open ended straight draw, but my opponent rather quickly makes a large bet, this was unussual for this player, up to now, he had bet around 300 to pick up the pot, and he’s not likely to make a reckless bluff in this spot, so I know he’s got it at this point.

I quickly rule calling out, because if I miss my outs on the turn and face a large bet, which I almost certainly would I’ll have a difficult decision, so I push all-in to make sure I see both cards and to try and double up. I miss my outs and I’m out in 2nd.

Sit-N-Go -2

Picked up a pretty hand hand here with QJs, and its the type of hand I rarley get an opportunity to play, so was pleased to be able to see a flop for half price against only one opponent. The flop gave me nothing, but my opponent checked behind so I got to see the turn for free.

The turn gave me the nut straight, but also may have completed a flush, I opt to lead out and maybe take down the pot there, my opponent calls. The river was a safe card for me, putting me at a loss to only a flush made on the turn, but I check anyway, which I think was a mistake, my opponent leads out for $150 and I call, which may have been another mistake, but he would likely beat here with many hands, and I was only beaten by the flush.

What I feel I should have done was lead out on the river with a bet of $90, which I thought about, and he may have called behind saving me a bet, but I think what changed my mind was the size of the pot, where a bet of $90 would look very weak, and I may have gotten re-raised.

This was easily my favorite hand of the match. I held pocket queens, and raised to 4xBB and get one caller. The flop brought a dreaded over card, a King, and to make matters worse my opponent puts me all-in. My first instinct is to fold and accept I’m beat by a King, my 2nd thought then says push all-in and hope for the best, as I’ll only have 4.5 orbits (ish) if I fold here before I’m blinded out.

I instead take my time to evaluate the situation. The time button pops up and I click it, to give my 60 seconds on my decision. What stood out immediately was how quickly he acted on the flop, it was almost instant, and his bet was unusually large, even if he had AK, I wouldn’t expect him to bet so much, so after 20 seconds or so of thought, I decide he could be trying to buy the pot and call, to see AJ, I’m aware he has outs, but I avoid them and I double up.

Lucky enough to find kings here against an all-in push from a short stack, I fully expect to be way ahead of the short stack, but know I’m vulnerable if I call and get callers behind me so I push all-in to isolate the short stack, and take down another nice pot. action is now down to 4, and I have become critically low on chips. I would ussually have made a few moves, but there was always a shorter guy beneth me, but close enough to me that I didn’t want to make plays with marginal hands only to loose my chip advantage other the shorter stack, so in this respect I was forced to hang on awhile, though naturally if he had doubled up I would have become very aggressive.

In the final hand I hold T5s, and the short stack is all-in for just under my stack, so I throw my chips in as well, not so much hoping that I win, but more hoping the short stack losses which will give me 3rd place money, which is good enough if I don’t get lucky and double up.

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  1. Quick comments on the hands:

    Hand 1, I think the blinds are too low to be pushing here. The pot isn’t big enough to try and steal and if you get called you are at least a 2-1 dog.

    Hand 2

    I think you played this fine. You could bet/fold on the river and save a little bit but if he re-raises occasionally with 2-pair or a set your equity is about the same. Nice hand.

    Hand 3
    Good call. The tell for me is this: You raised pre-flop so it’s likely you’ll make a continuation bet. If he wanted to get all the money in he would usually wait for you to make that continuation bet (especially on a board this dry) so you would be more pot committed. His bet makes it very clear he wants you to fold, so you made the right decision and called. Keep this line in mind as a good opponent can be exploited using this strategy. It looks a lot like a bluff so maybe you slowplay aces pre-flop and just push the flop if the blinds are high. Against a good opponent it can be a huge pot.

    Last hand: The problem isn’t the hand, the problem is you let your stack get blinded off too much and you lost your ability to apply pressure. I understand that you want to get in the money buy the structure of these sit’n go’s is such that you need to play for first.

    GL at the tables,

    Comment by joseffreedom | January 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. I agree, after looking back the blinds where not a problem, a clear brain fart.

    On the final hand, sometimes I’ll be the aggressor to risk being bubbled in favor of taking a larger lead on the short stack, to to be within reach of 1st place, over times I sit back and hang on for better spots, this was just one of those times.

    I should have made a move before my stack got so low.

    Comment by luckystraights | January 8, 2008 | Reply

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