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A Game

Not long after (believing) I was free of my eye infection, I have come down with a cold and a nasty headache so I haven’t sat in any tournaments in 3 days.

Despite still being pretty ill and sensing my eye infection returning, I was sick of my bonus schedule slipping away from me, so I decided I would sit in a game, and earn a point towards my bonus at least. After a long period 4 handed, I would have been happy just to make the money and leave, as I wasn’t feeling too good, but thankfully I hung on and did a little better, taking 2nd.

Here’s some key hands :

After not getting much to work with earlier I found myself in LP with A7s, a hand I would usually fold or limp with to try and flop a flush draw or two pair, but here the blinds where about to go up and I needed to pick up some chips, so I raised enough so that the limper’s would fold and I’ll take it down. Happily I got my wish this time.

The blinds are now at 75/150 and again I needed to pick up some chips. There was a raise in front, but there had been lots of 3xBB raises in short succession, with most ending the action pre-flop. He could hold a marginal ace, a pair or two face cards, and I was going to jam to try and pick up the pot but someone got there before me.

I’m still in need of chips here where I find AJ. I’m facing a raise in front, and its a spot I usually hate, but this guy had picked up lots of pots recently, and was loose enough that he could easily be raising with a weaker ace then mine, so I push all-in expecting a call, but hoping I come out alive. You’ll see why I hate these spots, but I got lucky and doubled up.

Here I held total trash, but the pot was huge, and I could get in for 1/2 price from the BB, so I called, justified by the size of the pot to try and get lucky. Was this reasonable, or should I have saved my chips?

I played this terrible. I held crap for the situation, but didn’t want to had over my blind for free so I limped in fully aware he’ll push me off my hand with my show of weakness. I thought about raising and that would have been better, but folding was the correct move here.

Here I was critically low on chips, so pushed all-in with Q2s, thankfully I got lucky and was still alive.

Here I found pocket 8’s and did my standard raise, looking to pick up the blinds. The flop isn’t good for me, but its also likely to not be any good for my opponent either, so I continue my show of strength and push all-in.

For my final hand I hold pocket 4’s, and make a larger enough raise that my opponent can fold. A similar story as above, the flop didn’t help me, but especially heads-up it was also likely it didn’t help my opponent, although I may have been behind a higher pair already, I push all-in, partly because I know I have a high chance of being ahead, and partly because my cold as started to aggravate me and I needed to either bust out or give myself a shot at 1st place before my concentration wained any further.

Missed out on 1st place, but was happy enough with 2nd considering the circumstances, and I am very happy to get a point towards my bonus.

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