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A Weak Game

Same story as before, I’m still ill but I’m even more sick of not playing so I decided to sit in a Sit-N-Go, to at least earn a point towards my bonus, as my schedule is slipping away now that I haven’t played much in the last week.

It was a very weak game for me, didn’t get much of anything on the card front, but didn’t feel my usual self either, which is understandable I guess with being ill and all that. I mostly avoided confrontation until I found a good spot to get my chips in.

I only made 5th place this time, and there where only two hands worth mentioning :

Here I found my best hand of the match, and it wasn’t much, usually I’ll muck this without a thought, but I was low on chips and the blinds where up in only a minute, so after a bit of contemplation pushed all-in.

I took more time to think here, despite being in a much more vulnerable position chip wise. The re-raiser had bullied the table quite a bit since picking up the chip lead, which he had only just lost to the raiser, so he could easily be making a move here, at first I thought the raiser would have the genuine hand here, but after some thought, I expected the raiser to fold if I call, putting myself heads-up against an aggressive player which could be the best spot I’m likely to find before being blinded out, so I called.

Unfortunately I missed my outs this time, but it wasn’t a huge loss, I feel I did what I could and are happy to at least earn an FPP whilst stuck being ill.

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