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Another Game

In an effort to keep my bonus within easy reach and to make it easier to settle back in to my daily routine when I’m well enough, I’ve just sat in another game, I feel much better about how I played then how I handled myself in yesterday’s games.

Here’s the key hands :

This hand actually made me pause for thought, which may have actually scared a couple of would be limper’s off. With the blinds at 25/50 I would usually limp or call with this, raising only if it was suited, but here I was torn, it would soon be 50/100 where I would feel justified in raising it up, and the table seemed weak enough that a raise would be the better move, in the end I chose the conservative / weak option of limping along.

The flop was good for me, but when a short stack made an aggressive bet, I instantly realized I may have let 86s make a very cheap two pair, I was almost 100% certain this guy didn’t hold AK, but felt pushing all-in to protect my hand against other weak aces behind was the best move, and if I was behind two pair or a small set, well he’ll get paid off this time.

I took a little risk here with AK, making a standard raise, rather then pushing all-in, as the blinds alone wouldn’t do me much good and I felt it was worth the risk to try and take down a bigger pot given the circumstances.

This time I was less interested in a call and decided to protect my strong but vulnerable hand by pushing all-in, I was in a good spot, until the river sending me out in 3rd, didn’t mind though, these things happen. What was irritating was how the prick who was sitting out since he built up a big stack suddenly jumped back into life now that it was heads-up.

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I’m really frustrated at the moment, all I can think about is playing poker, building my bankroll and working on a few poker related goals I have, but I’m just not coping very well, sat in another Sit-N-Go earlier, but didn’t do very well, just can’t concentrate and its very frustrating.

Its been around a week now with this crappy cold, and to make matters worse my eye infection as returned, its very very frustrating.

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