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Another Game

In an effort to keep my bonus within easy reach and to make it easier to settle back in to my daily routine when I’m well enough, I’ve just sat in another game, I feel much better about how I played then how I handled myself in yesterday’s games.

Here’s the key hands :

This hand actually made me pause for thought, which may have actually scared a couple of would be limper’s off. With the blinds at 25/50 I would usually limp or call with this, raising only if it was suited, but here I was torn, it would soon be 50/100 where I would feel justified in raising it up, and the table seemed weak enough that a raise would be the better move, in the end I chose the conservative / weak option of limping along.

The flop was good for me, but when a short stack made an aggressive bet, I instantly realized I may have let 86s make a very cheap two pair, I was almost 100% certain this guy didn’t hold AK, but felt pushing all-in to protect my hand against other weak aces behind was the best move, and if I was behind two pair or a small set, well he’ll get paid off this time.

I took a little risk here with AK, making a standard raise, rather then pushing all-in, as the blinds alone wouldn’t do me much good and I felt it was worth the risk to try and take down a bigger pot given the circumstances.

This time I was less interested in a call and decided to protect my strong but vulnerable hand by pushing all-in, I was in a good spot, until the river sending me out in 3rd, didn’t mind though, these things happen. What was irritating was how the prick who was sitting out since he built up a big stack suddenly jumped back into life now that it was heads-up.

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  1. I know having guys post recently about you need to push all in more has put pressure on you to do so, but I don’t know about pushing all in here, of course if QJ will call it’s a good play, but your m is around 9 on the AK hand and higher than that on the next hand. So you can make small raises and still get away. With the AQ hand I would have flat called b/c if he has ace with a small kicker I think hist turn pushing range is a lot wider than his flop calling range, so you get more value, and if he spikes 2 pair on the turn thats a 3-outer (6%) so it’s just bad luck.

    Good luck to you man, hope you are feeling better,


    Comment by joseffreedom | January 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    Cold wise I’m almost over it, but my eye infection is a pain, my room mate is a little annoying saying I can play anyway, kinda like just ignore it (no offense hon), but its a constant pain, that increases to where you can’t do anything periodically, and thats the bitch of it, having to avoid the table as I can’t focus on play because of the pain.

    Anyways to the hands…

    With AQ, I agree a call on the flop probably would have been better, I probably rushed in to protect my hand too readily, and was close to certain the short stack would call with any A after he lead out, although with the blinds still relatively small in hindsight he could have gotten away from a weaker ace.

    On the other two hands, I’ll hold my hand up and admit I didn’t calculate my ‘M’ on either hand, with a sitting out player I played as if we where heads-up.

    I knew the AK was risky as I pointed out, but if I missed the flop and got some aggression its an easy fold, and if I hit an A or K, my hand is very likely to be the best, giving me a nice pot to contest a higher finish with.

    I’ve pushed with jacks before, although in different circumstances and got mixed reviews. I pushed here instead, because I was really looking for a fold and made it has easy as possible for him to do so, but I had a strong hand in case he did call.

    I could see my self playing the same hand a few ways, a standard raise is easily in my reach as you pointed out, other times I may even limp, looking to make an aggressive re-raise, here it just felt that a push was the best move.

    I am vehemently opposed to pushing with any two cards, unless I understand the situation and feel its the best play for various reasons.

    Comment by luckystraights | January 14, 2008 | Reply

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