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Finally Play, and Go Broke

Still not well enough to play my regular games, but I’ve been itching to sit in a game on Sun Poker, so sat eventually sat down in a 3/6c 6 max cash game. I only have the $5 that support gave me to play with, well $5.12 actually, as I’m holding off depositing until I’m well enough to play for the deposit bonus, so sat down with the full amount, not too bothered if I end up broke, as I just wanted a bit of quick fun, and took the opportunity as the $5 was a freebie.

Anyways within a few circuits I note one guy is likely to raise with a very wide range, and c-bet most boards, and the other players didn’t seem like much of a threat either, so when I picked up AJ, I played it much more aggressively then I normally would, which is probably more correct anyway due to being 6 handed.

I make a large enough re-raise to give the raiser an easy option to fold if he’s holding trash, trying to get heads-up with the re-raiser, expecting to be ahead of both of them. Both end up calling.

I make TP on the flop, but the board is already paired, I decide to play it strong, if I run into AK or a Q, I’ll just have to pay them off, in the end the re-raiser shows KQ to bust me, and the raiser showed A9, ah well, it was fun, and I got to sit in a few raked hands to test out my rake back promotion.

I’m really keen to get back to these tables as soon as I can, but may need to deposit more money into them, then I was planning. I was only going to deposit around $20, but at least $50 would be more appropriate. I’m going to hold off a little longer, as I’m still unable to play regularly and I have my Poker Stars bonus over my head yet, but I am very excited about these cash games.

Here’s the hand, only thing I thought about doing differently at the time was pushing all-in on the flop, it wouldn’t have made a difference here though.

I’ll be very happy to hear anyone’s advise on 6 handed cash play, as I’ve never played this format before, Thanks.

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