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Today’s Games

I decided to multi-table two Sit-N-Go’s today as I want to catch up with my bonus schedule, I think I would have done better single tabling, although I felt I handled the two tables better then the last time I tried, I’m still not as comfortable multi-tabling the Sit-N-Go’s. Even with only playing two tables, I feel like I miss lots of small bits of information that can end up being important in a hand.

Multi-Tabling, Sit-N-Go 1 of 2

Here I called a raise with AJs, not a move I would do with AJ here, but felt my flush potential compensated for calling with a hand that could be dominated by AQ, AK.

I think I played this hand OK, and he played it exactly like I expected him to, and knowing this I should have probably pushed all-in on the flop, giving me the option of taking it down there, though perhaps loosing too much action from a hand like AQ, AK in most cases.

After being draw out on the above hand, I had to wait patiently for a hand I could double up with, that came with AK. A few hands down the line and I’m forced to push all-in a few times and keep myself afloat as the blinds increase, until I’m critically low on chips and just have to roll the die, failing to hit I’m out in 4th.

Multi-Tabling, Sit-N-Go 2 of 2

One of many AJ hands recently, the game I’ve developed says I shouldn’t raise so early with AJ, and mix up my raises and calls with AJs, but I’m beginning to think if this strategy needs some work, as I seem to miss out on lots of pots that I should be picking up with this hand.

I may have played this differntly if I was only playing one table and could concentrate on each tables action more, but I probably would have done the same play. I realized my normal raise would put me to a dangerously low chip position and if I missed the flop my decisions where only getting harder, so I pushed all-in.

I was a little torn as to how to handle this, I would have liked to have been the aggressor and push all-in, but with a smaller push and call in front, I felt folding was best option.

Around middle position I felt KT was enough to push in and take the blinds or get lucky to double up.

Here though I folded A8 which was stupid I should have pushed here too, sometimes I seem more tempted to push with a relatively high king then a medium ace, perhaps as I’m less likely to be dominated with KT then I am A8, either way I should have pushed all-in here.

After letting myself get so low on chips I needed to get lucky and with a few folds in front I decided to make a stand with Q8.

In Summary

I used to be strong at short stack play, but I’m obviously out of practice as I didn’t feel comfortable here and sometimes I tend to think and re-think about what hands I should push with, probably folding a few hands I should have pushed with too, until it was too late to make a difference.

In my 2nd tournament I found AJ rather a lot, but didn’t make anything from it, I think if I was playing just the one table I think I probably would have made a move with it at the right moment to try and take down a pot even when the blinds where lower then when I would normally make this play, just to get some value from the hand, but with multi-tabling I tended to just drop it, and probably missed out on picking up some key pots.

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4th This Time

Still feeling okay I decided I’ll sit in another Sit-N-Go, pick up another point before the days out. I’m pleased with how I played here, although I’m not sure my final push was the right move…. otherwise though I think I did well to get to 4th, only held two good holdings, had to drop my queens and my AKs was a split pot, so I was short stacked throughout most of the match. I managed to hang on and pick a few spots to steel some blinds, but the blinds just got the better of me this time, happy to earn another point towards my bonus though.

Here’s the key hands :

The short stack had been going all-in a lot to try and double up, so when I picked up queens I opted to limp and make an aggressive re-raise to isolate him, but some jerk got carried away with his 3’s and I had to fold.

See a flop for free from the BB with J6 and spike two pair on the turn. I think I got the most I could out of it, he could have folded on the river if I checked down the turn just as easily.

I wouldn’t usually re-raise here, but the table was weak, and I was way ahead of the callers range, and I didn’t want to be in a multi-way pot, I committed myself, but my hand was either way ahead or only a slight dog, so felt it was worth the risk to reduce the field in this case.

A bigger pot would have been nice with AQ, but settled for the blinds and pushed all-in to deter a loose call from one of the big stacks.

This seems like a desperate move, but glancing back at what I had left behind, I couldn’t hang on much longer so pushed all-in whilst I still had chips to get a fold and hopefully get lucky. It wasn’t my turn to get lucky I guess.

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