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4th This Time

Still feeling okay I decided I’ll sit in another Sit-N-Go, pick up another point before the days out. I’m pleased with how I played here, although I’m not sure my final push was the right move…. otherwise though I think I did well to get to 4th, only held two good holdings, had to drop my queens and my AKs was a split pot, so I was short stacked throughout most of the match. I managed to hang on and pick a few spots to steel some blinds, but the blinds just got the better of me this time, happy to earn another point towards my bonus though.

Here’s the key hands :

The short stack had been going all-in a lot to try and double up, so when I picked up queens I opted to limp and make an aggressive re-raise to isolate him, but some jerk got carried away with his 3’s and I had to fold.

See a flop for free from the BB with J6 and spike two pair on the turn. I think I got the most I could out of it, he could have folded on the river if I checked down the turn just as easily.

I wouldn’t usually re-raise here, but the table was weak, and I was way ahead of the callers range, and I didn’t want to be in a multi-way pot, I committed myself, but my hand was either way ahead or only a slight dog, so felt it was worth the risk to reduce the field in this case.

A bigger pot would have been nice with AQ, but settled for the blinds and pushed all-in to deter a loose call from one of the big stacks.

This seems like a desperate move, but glancing back at what I had left behind, I couldn’t hang on much longer so pushed all-in whilst I still had chips to get a fold and hopefully get lucky. It wasn’t my turn to get lucky I guess.


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