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Ended The Day With Two More Sit-N-Go’s

I sat in another Sit-N-Go earlier and started off well, but later on I almost gave up on the game, and paid more attention to some research I was doing online, so I didn’t last long, only making 5th. I was annoyed at myself, so have just finished another game, where I aimed to stay focussed and make up for my poor performance earlier. I did just that too, taking 1st place.

Here’s the key hands from the last game :

The first significant action I was involved in occurred only 4 hands in where I was lucky enough to pick up queens.

I would usually just call with queens being so early, in a Sit-N-Go, but being in EP with so many limpers, I wanted to discourage a community pot and made an aggressive re-raise, when both a limper and the raiser called my re-raise I was dreading an A or K popping up on the flop, and thankfully I avoided them this time.

The flop looked good for me, and even if it wasn’t I had a Q high flush draw to back it up and moved all-in rather then making a c-bet which would have committed me anyway.

I didn’t get anything worth acting on for awhile until I found KQ, so when it was folded around to me I opened with a raise and took advantage of my tight image to pick up the blinds. The very next hand I find pocket 9’s, but new if I raised I would likely get called just because I raised two hands in a row, and the SB may even come over the top, so I elected to limp and try and hit a set.

I then folded most offerings to preserve my tight image, and when I found a medium or stronger pair, or a playable ace or king I opened with a raise and picked up a few blinds, until I found AJ and call the BB, perhaps wary of ruining my tight image by too many pre-flop raises. Its checked around though and I make the nut straight on the turn which brings a flush draw so I lead out with a large bet and get called pretty quick.

villain then checks to me again on the river and I check behind, not wanting to pay off a flush, he shows 3rd pair and I take the pot.

Five hands later I find AKs and open with my usual raise of 4xBB and I am quickly re-raised by a shorter stack pushing all-in. This was an import decision for me, so I took my time. The first thought that pops in my head is where 4 handed, and I haven’t made the money yet. However, that thought is immediately over taken by me realizing the strength of my hand against this particular player, I could be up against aces or kings, but realistically I am far more likely to be up against queens or lower, where I’m only a slight dog or a weaker ace, or maybe even two face cards like KQ.

Also taking note that I have him well covered and will still be in with a fighting change of the money if I don’t bust him with around $1k left behind I decide to call.

I soon settle back in to my routine, folding mostly and occassionally picking up the blinds until I pick up 7’s and re-raise an opening raise. Pre-flop I knew my hand was likely good and therefore flat calling would have been a mistake and decide against an all-in push which would have ended my tournament if I was called and lost.

On the flop my pair is either good or behind an ace, he shouldn’t have a 5 here so that wasn’t a worry. After he checks behind on the flop, I feel my 7’s are good, and push all-in on the turn, aware he could have hit the T, but he felt weak and if he did have something, my 7h gave me some outs, assuming he didn’t hold a higher heart of course.

Here I held AJs and was facing a raise in front, so I just flat called. The flop missed me completely so when he checked I just checked behind. The turn brought a 3rd spade and he lead out for the minimum, despite not having a hand yet I really want to call because of the size of the pot, though I’m aware some players do bet very weakly when they make a flush here, so I think awhile, and decide to call, as he felt weak, and if he makes a big bet on the river or a 4th spade comes I have an easy fold.

When he checks the river, I check behind hoping A high is good, and he shows K high, having missed his flush draw, giving me the pot.

After taking out the 3rd player with pocket T’s its become heads-up and I’m in a good position for the win, until the following hand.

I found KJ, and opened with a raise to $1600, 4xBB and I’m re-raised all-in. My first thought was to fold, as he’s probably got a medium ace, but being in such a strong position I decide it worth calling being a bit behind to try and spike a King and bust him. When he turns over AK, I know I’m going to have to get very lucky, and for a moment it looks like things are going to fall my way when I hit a J on the flop, but the river completes his flush and he doubles up.

He doesn’t remain even soon though, as only 4 hands later I take down two consecutive pots worth $4,850 a piece.

A few hands later, he pushed all-in and I’m pleased to find aces to take the match.

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