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Seeking Suggestions for Online Poker Goals?

Despite playing for several months now, I haven’t managed to come up with any goals to aim for, besides some rather vauge ones about improving my win rate, cash rate and moving up, etc. Goal setting isn’t a strong point of mine, in fact I’m pretty rubbish at it. However, I’m sure having some set goals written down will help me progress, so with that in mind, I would like to ask my dear readers if they can come up with some suggestions for me to use as my Online Poker Goals

Here’s a bit of background, which might help you, to help me :

1. I currently play $1 regular no-limit hold’em sit-n-go’s on Poker Stars

2. I also occassionaly play 1c/2c no-limit  hold’em sit-n-go’s on Poker Stars

3. I am interested in playing the 3c/6c 6-max no-limit cash games on Sun  Poker, but don’t have the funds to deposit there yet.

Thanks xxx


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  1. Hi straights,

    I would try and start off with a small target and try to reach that. Say $50. It might take you awhile because of the limits. Remember you’re trying to build up to that point. You can’t win it in one day. So just try and play solid poker and try and grind out a little profit everyday.

    Hope this helps!

    Comment by brooklyn bum | January 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. The think about setting goals is to have very specific short term goals that serve the purpose of reaching a broader mission. The goals must be quantifiable and realistic. A short-term goal like, “do better at poker” is not good. You need it to be specific like, “Build my bankroll to $50.” You may want to even have sub-goals that will help you do that. See the example below:

    For example, you may want to set the following mission: Improve my game so that I am a consistent winner at $1/$2 tables.

    To be consistent with this mission, you will develop goals. For example,
    1. Increase my bankroll to $100.
    2 Identify three poker books and read them.
    3. Find a mentor and discuss hands with him/her weekly.

    To meet your goals, you may want sub-goals. For example, to increase you bankroll to $100:

    1. Play on .01/.02 until my bankroll is $10.
    2. Play on .05/.10 until my bankroll is $50.
    3. Log all sessions and identify key hands.

    I just threw this together. The structure and actual statements are probably not right for your purposes, but you hopefully get the picture.


    Comment by gobbs | January 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. Thanks guys, appreciate the help.

    I’m having problems with my Sit-N-Go play at the moment, so the number one goal, has to be, to get that back on track, as its getting me down.

    1. Improve my sit-n-go play, so I can win and cash consistently in the $1 sit-n-go’s.

    The biggest hurdle I’m facing at the moment is with AK and AQ, never had problems with the before, but I feel I’ve been holding my aggression back too much with them in the early stages.

    So a good sub goal would be :

    1A. Spend the weekend / next week, trying to piece together a general strategy for the play of AK, AQ in the early stages of the sit-n-go’s, in particular the $1 Sit-N-Go’s.

    2B. Connected to the above, I then need to put some time in at the $1 sit-n-go’s to re-build some confidence, as I’ve lost a lot of my heart recently.

    2C. The next obvious step is to increase my bankroll, and with it my win rate, cash rate. I think aiming for $25 in profit from the $1 goals is reasonably high enough, given the payouts, but also reachable, and as I earn that, I can then reach for a further $25 or $35.

    3C. Earn $75+ profit from the 1 and 2 table sit-n-go’s, to facilitate a move up to the next level.

    The next main goal would be :

    2. Move up to the $5 Sit-N-Go’s

    Comment by luckystraights | January 25, 2008 | Reply

  4. Bit late on this one but I’ll put in my thoughts too.

    I think you should try and avoid financial goals as much as possible. Reason – sometimes you play fantastic and lose due to variance, sometimes you play terrible and get lucky. Setting a $$$ goal might actually move you in the wrong direction if you play well and have a bad run – you might start changing up things unnecessarily.

    I’d think about making a commitment to spend more time studying rather than playing, or setting a goal of being happy with 80%, 90% or similar of hands in post session review.

    In sum, make goals for things you can directly influence.

    Comment by hpcbuzz | January 26, 2008 | Reply

  5. Thats a fair point, financial goals aside I would like to, work on my single table sit-n-go game, as I feel its been lagging for some time, and then put in plenty of hours of play, playing exactly in this fashion to really get it entrenched (as Blind Tilt puts it), that way I don’t have to consciously think about it in future, or worry about the basic mechanisms of my game, style of play, etc and I can concentrate on doing things differently and changing gears for deceptive purposes.

    Another thing, I touched upon in an earlier post is that I want to continue learning from Zen, and also study other disciplines that can help me maintain my aggression even without the cards, where the situation warrants it. The type of thing that Doyle Brunson often refers to as heart, courage, muscle, etc.

    Thanks for the feedback

    Comment by luckystraights | January 26, 2008 | Reply

  6. I have now created a new page, titled ‘Poker Goal’s, where I’ll be writing about my current poker goals, both online and off.

    The page can be found here :

    Comment by luckystraights | January 27, 2008 | Reply

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