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Poker Goals

After getting such useful feedback from my recent post on setting poker goals, I thought I’ll create a new page dedicated to my own poker goals, that way my readers can see what I’m working on, what I might be struggling with, and I can use the page as a reference and reminder to keep me on the right track.

My blog post on poker goals :

Seeking Suggestions for Online Poker Goals?

My Online Goals


  1. Earn my initial deposit bonus on Poker Stars


  1. Develop my post flop play, by playing cheap pots in mixed positions with a variety of hands in the 1c/2c NL cash games.
  2. Start to build a bankroll on Full Tilt Poker from the $2 Sit ‘n Go’s
  3. Research playing NL cash games predominantly instead of tournaments
  4. Start playing the Hubble NL freeroll’s again on Poker Stars

My Live Goals

  1. Work on picking up patterns and physical tells from my regular home game opponents

General Goals


  1. Start reading Sit ‘n Go Strategy
  2. Finish my first read of Harrington on Hold ’em
  3. Start reading NL Hold ’em Theory and Practice
  4. Buy a copy of The Theory of Poker


  1. Make an initial deposit on Sun Poker

Links you may find helpful :

Setting Your Poker Goals

Resolving, Again

2008 Poker Goals

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