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Looking to kill some time until a tournament stars I sit in another 18 player Sit-N-Go. I’ve just witnessed a few crazy plays so I buckle in for a bumpy few rounds until most of the idiots are busted.

I find QQ in the CO and raise to 4xBB, it gets re-raised from the BB, I now my hand is good, but its too early in the tournament for a re-raise, don’t want to go broke to an Ax that may hit, so I just call, the button calls behind me.

The flops all baby cards, so I lead out, the button calls and the BB folds. The turn gives me a set, now I’m sure I’m ahead but it could also have completed a flush draw so I lead out to see if I’m getting re-raised. If the turn made this guy a flush I’m sure he would re-raise me here, as he just calls I feel I’m way ahead of maybe an under pair or AK/AQ thats hanging on for an ace or king.

The river brings a king, so I check, hoping my show of weakness will persuade my opponent to move all-in, he’s pushed a few times already so this was easily in is nature to do it with AJ, but I was hoping he had AK, and pushed thinking he was ahead.

I get my wish, but loose the pot.


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Whats the Odds?

I’m in a 18 player Sit-N-Go on Poker Stars, and have had quads twice 🙂

I was lucky enough to avoid an ace, king or queen on the flop here, and made a set on the turn, but the 3rd jack made a flush possible so I check, the river brought a nice site though, a fourth jack!

This hand played itself, I was short stacked and moved all-in with KK, I flop a set and then make quads on the river!

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