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A New High!

After taking 1st in another Sit-N-Go, I have now got my bankroll up to its highest point $83+ 🙂

This was my favorite hand of the match, and took quite a bit of work and patience to setup (believe it or not), so I’m very pleased to pull it off.,13290.0.html

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Today’s Sit-N-Go

Just taken first in my first sit-n-go of the day. I won’t be sitting in another tonight as I have my eye on taking part in another scheduled tournament instead.

The game went well, I managed to increase my stack by a large amount very early on and hung on to it until the middle stage of the tournament, by this time I was getting low on chips, but managed to take down one or two pots and survived enough to double up once or twice and steel some blinds whilst shorthanded.

The heads-up match was enjoyable, despite the chip lead swinging between us a lot, in the final hand I put my opponent all-in with top pair, which improved to two pair on the turn, he needed a flush card to give him a king high flush, and happily for me it didn’t come, giving me the win.

After throwing away 3 games to tilt early yesterday I would have been disappointed with anything but a 1st place finish here, so I am very pleased.

This is one of the more crazy hands from the game, where some maniac called a huge re-raise with only 54 off suite!

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Return to Form

I’ve just completed my first and final sit-n-go of the day (as I’m away from home) and am delighted to say I took first place. It wasn’t easy though and the 3 handed battle took an age to get through.

My theory about my play seemed to be correct, I feel I played better in this game then any other I had played in, in over a month and am delighted to take 1st place. It has also corrected some of my previously incorrect shorthanded play, when short stacked.

The only downside of the evening is that before this game, I registered in another but was never able to play in it, the table window never popped up and I couldn’t find the game so despite winning the only game I have played in today, I’ve also lost one buy-in plus fee. I’ve e-mailed Poker Stars support about this and hope they will refund this money for me.

Edit : Apparently you can find all tournaments you are registered in via the “registered in tournaments” option on the requests menu with the Poker Stars main lobby.

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18 Player Win

Its been a very slow day today, only just finished my first game of the day. This one was almost two hours though, another 18 player Sit-N-Go, and I’m very pleased to announce I took 1st place 🙂 good job too, to be honest my mind was starting to wander.

I was short stacked on the final table, having to abandon a large pot just before the tables got merged, but I waited patiently and managed to steel a few pots, which I believe I can credit to my tight table image, other times I had high pocket pairs or other strong hands that held up, doubling me up at key times. Around 5 handed I had taken the chip lead and played it safe to ensure I made the money.

Once the bubble burst all stacks where very close, so I had to be careful, but I think I played the right balance, tried to see some flops with hands I would normally drop that had strong potential and stayed out of trouble when I had to, it paid off, I managed to take a few key pots to keep me in the lead and down to 3rd handed.

Once heads-up I soon held a commanding chip lead, but each time I tried to get my opponent all-in, he evaded me, the one time I did manage it, he doubled up and our stacks soon became almost equal. I kept the pressure on though and soon developed an increasing lead, my opponent then started to routinely push all-in when in the BB to steel the blinds, it didn’t phase me too much as I usually stool them back on the next hand, but I didn’t want this to continue so when had a sufficient enough lead I called with jack high, bad timing on my part he showed KTs, luckily for me a jack arrived on the turn to give me the win.

My bankroll has taken a nice increase in profit from this, and after a relatively early morning I’m feeling a bit tired so I might end today’s session on a positive note with just the one game, though I do have to get back into a 4 game routine soon to ensure I make my bonus.

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Session Update

Just finished my best game so far, taking 1st place. Its nice to finally break my run of 3rd, 4th, 5th and worse finishes of late. I’m really happy I can start to feel my usual game return, its like vodka to an alcoholic lol

The raiser here had pushed all-in recent hands when I had pocket pairs as low as 9’s, so I was confident he didn’t have a pocket pair, certainly nothing as high as my tens, so I made him pay the max to try and chase against my made pair with his AJ – AK style hand. When he turned over, I was pleased my read was correct, though less pleased to see he paired his king on the turn, thankfully the river was kind giving me a set.

Whilst heads-up, whenever I had a premium hand or if I was representing a premium hand I would raise to 1200, three times the big blind, otherwise I would check from the BB or call from the SB and occasionally fold. This time though I find pocket aces and want to trap him for all his chips, though I didn’t expect him to fall for it in such a spectacular fashion 🙂

I knew if I raised to 1200 he would put me on a premium hand (or should) and unless he had one also he would fold pre-flop only giving me the blinds and antes. I also considered that if I simply called from the SB and then raise him big on the flop, or even the turn it will look like I’m trying to trap him and of course that allows the possibility for him to out flop me. I raise to 800, two times the big blind and he takes the bate, pushing all-in, I have an easy call and the flop puts a big grin on my face, I flop a full house!

here’s the hand :

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Made a bit of a comeback with a 1st place finish on my 4th Sit-N-Go, leaving me only 30c behind the previous days session rather then $4.80 behind if I would have not cashed at all.

I’ve achieved my daily minimum of 4 now, but still have plenty of time before 4am ET, when my poker session formally ends for the day so I might hit the tables again to try and gain another cash to recover fully from the earlier losses ready for a fresh start tomorrow.

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I thought I met a new highpoint for my bankroll just a moment ago, reaching $65+ but it wasn’t to be, almost though, there was an error on my spreadsheet, where a loss was not calculated so I’m actually at $64+ which ain’t bad, just under $10 behind my first target.

I’ve been bubbled twice in the last two days, and suffered a crappy 6th place finish too, so I really thirsted for this 1st place victory I’ve just earned. It was a real grind though, ridiculously so come 3rd handed, the other players where swapping chips quite readily, usually this is down to dumb play, but in this case my other two opponents where just unlucky, the 4th guy kept hitting trips and sets, and he always slow played them, he hit at least 8 in no more then 15 hands (maybe less), I ran into him a few times, but mostly seemed to sense when he had something and got off lightly.

On one occasion though my thirst for revenge landed me in a bad spot, with a trips possible on the board, and the turn brings full house potential, I bet out, knowing that this is what he would do if he had it, my dumb luck that he does have it and takes down a huge pot. I was really hoping to trap him in his own trap, but I never got the opportunity.

I was steaming quite a bit after watching him take down pot after pot, by hitting is countless trips, and I even had to sit out a hand or two now and then just to calm down. Eventually though one of the other 2 busted him, and it became 3 handed.

I breathed a sigh of relief and it wasn’t long before the chip lead was mine, only a few more hands and I sent the now short stack to the rail, so we became heads-up. I think my opponent started to crack at this point as the game went on for well over an hour, I was in a good spot though and eventually put him all-in with AQ, I hit my queen and his KTs didn’t improve giving me the win and a rest.

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High Point

Finally I’ve ended my run of 2nd place finishes and had a great heads-up game giving me the win which has now taken me back up to my bankrolls highest point. Its still not great, just under $14 profit, but this is the highest profit levels my bankroll as reached before and it has taken quite a few games to get it back after decimating it after a couple of horrific sessions.

I’m pleased to be back to this point, but now I must work even harder to keep pushing my bankroll in the right direction. My short term aim is to get up to $75 where I’m going to sit in a $5 buy-in Sit-N-Go, by bankroll management standards this is a mistake, but after playing so many $1 Sit-N-Go’s I think I deserve a game at a slightly higher limit and as a nice bonus it will also earn me 3 FPP’s instead of the usual 1 on the $1 Sit-N-Go’s. Whether I win, cash or loose I’m still not hanging around on the $5 limits, I’ll be back down at the $1 Sit-N-Go’s, until my bankroll is much closer to the 30 buy-in amount of $150.

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Spirit Back!

I’ve just had a really great game that has given me my spirit back!

The game was pretty normal until it became 3 handed, and then it became a huge blood bath. The short stack battled her way up (again I’m assuming a she here) eventually taking the lead from the chip leader and I was in real danger of coming out 3rd. I was desperate to beat her at this point, not through her doing but because an observer in the chat window kept on shouting out for her to beat me, which I thought was pretty rude an angred me so much I’m about to complain to Poker Stars!

Anyways, I was getting really low on chips around the $2k mark when my computer dies! it reboots immediately and I quickly log back on to Poker Stars, whilst mutter swear words at Microsoft lol, the table pops up automatically, which was nice and saved me having to search for it, where I find the now chip leader (my nemesis :p) had increased her lead by a huge amount and I was now close enough that I might make 2nd.

I kept battling away and eventually the short stack was put all-in for the second time by the chip leader and was sent to the rail. I was pleased for the guaranteed 2nd place money, but I thirsted for the win. I didn’t change up much, and only two or three hands into heads-up, I had my opponent where I wanted her, I made the nut straight on the turn, and bet out to put her all-in, her leading initially only had $55 dollars left so made the call knowing she was beat with AT and I took down the win.

I put this win down to two key points :

1. Playing hands like KQ, JT, QJs, correctly and perhaps better then I have ever done up to know.

2. Secondly I really, really, really wanted this win, the title was even more important then the money this time, and that kept me aggressive and striving for the win, rather then allowing myself to give-up and become passive, accepting 3rd or 2nd place money.

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A Win!

At last the bubble as burst, I have got my first win and can start to recover from my last session. I am Pleased with how I played, but I came close to the rail at a few points and the flop was kind at a crucial moment, allowing me to rebuild before we became shorthanded.

My opponent heads-up was the chip leader throughout the second half of the game, and I could tell she had some skills, but I was reasonably confident that I could beat her, as long as I did not suffer too many losses early on, as she had a commanding advantage in stack sizes at this point.

She seemed almost eager to go all-in or to commit a large amount of her stack in one hand once she had seen the flop. In my experience this type of play from your opponent is favorable heads-up, especially if you are confident in your post flop play, as you only have to run into one good flop and you can get them to commit most of there stack or go all-in when you are way ahead, of course you also have to be able to walk away from a bad flop whilst minimizing your losses.

I’ve seen lots of players who once they see a flop heads-up are almost desperate to get there money in, it might come down to pressure I don’t know, but it has forced me to change my tactics, which is probably a good thing anyway.

I used to win heads-up on pure aggression (which I found very demanding mentally and emotionally), constantly chipping away at my opponents stack, now though with players ready to get there money in, I find it far easier to just sit back and take a moment or so when the actions on you to asses the situation and when your ahead to let your opponent hang themselves by either going all-in on middle pair or committing so much of there stack that they are in real trouble from then on.

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