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Full Tilt Freeroll

I’ve just got busted out of my first ever Full Tilt Poker freeroll. I was a little disappointed with not making the final table but have no doubt I played the best I could and feel I did well to reach as far as I did, considering I’ve never sat in an FTP freeroll before. I made it to 22 out of 2,364 entrants.

Unfortunately there was only one prize on offer for the 1st place finisher, Phil Gordon’s Final Table DVD, so my hard work didn’t reward me with anything, though I did really enjoy it, far more then any other freeroll I’ve done on Poker Stars in fact. Some of the players, well lots of the players went to the river with nothing rather a lot, but otherwise it seemed far more “real poker” then what I’ve experience on Poker Stars freeroll’s so far, I guess that could be put down to the larger field.

I was fortunate enough to flop a full house here, and I wasn’t short of action :


Biggest bets I got to witness, guess this is high stakes :p


I couldn’t hold out any longer so go all-in here. I won this hand, but lost to the next hand seen bellow.


Heres the final hand that busted me :


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