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2nd Place

I’ve been feeling much better today, the stronger pain killers are doing there job, and have reduced my pain considerably, though they have brought with it some side effects, which also limit my play, but I felt well enough earlier today a Sit-N-Go and managed to make 2nd place.

Several hands where key in this game, so I’ve posted them bellow :

My first pot set me up for the rest of the match. I held pocket 4’s in LP and called a pre-flop raise, as it was only raised to twice the big blind. I hit my set on the flop, and the raiser leads out, with so many people to act behind I wanted to price out any flush draws, so I made an aggressive re-raise. Its folded around to the re-raiser who then moves all-in, now I know I’m in good shape and call.

Here, I was sure TP was good, and was all-in on the turn, to end up splitting the pot.

I probably should have opened with a raise here to try and pick up the blinds, the SB and raised a few pots and I was sure he was simply steeling the blind, he probably held a medium ace at best.

I could have easily raised here with KJ but decided I’ll flat call for a change of pace. The flop gave me nothing, so I check, hoping to pick up something on the turn, I get my wish and make TP, but see it as a chance to let my opponent make a bluff, he leads out and I make an aggressive re-raise. I was a little surprised when he called here, the board pairs on the river and I check it down.

Here I think I should have lead out on the river to try and pick up the pot, if I got re-raised it would have been an easy lay down, but I let him pick up the pot, and I’m sure he doesn’t have much. This hand likely influenced the one bellow.

This could easily be my worst play of the game. I make an aggressive re-raise pre-flop, but miss and pay off a large bet on the river. I would usually make a c-bet after a pre-flop raise, but knew it wouldn’t be bought on such a raged flop so elected to see a cheap turn. Failing to lead out on the turn was my next mistake, in this case I would have likely have been re-raised and I could have let it go. When the board pairs on the river I feel my opponent is making a move with an AJ, AQ style hand and I call.

It took me awhile to accept, but this guy probably wasn’t making moves on the river, not with big bets anyway, if he was leading out for a big bet on the river, he probably held something.

Here I found kings and raised enough so that the short stack would be all-in if he calls. With an A on the flop, and one player all-in I decide to check it down, as I didn’t want to pay off anymore money if the other guy called with a weak ace.

When we got to heads-up I started to loose it and felt I donked off loads of chips, though I did eventually get myself back together and was on my way backup, when the cards didn’t fall my way, sending me out in 2nd.

Here’s the key hands since we where heads-up :

Not long in to heads-up, I raise it up with K9, and make an impatient bluff on the flop. You could say I was unfortunate to run into a hand, but I think I was being too impatient to make a move here.

I’m cheating, after going through the history, theres too many hands for me to be bothered posting. All are the similar kind of thing, I got aggressive with marginal hands when I thought I was ahead and took a pot or folded to hand it to the chip leader. I was doubled up once with KT, against A4.

Anyways I’m skipping to the final hand :p

I find pocket 8’s, and make an aggressive raise, I could have gone all-in pre-flop I suppose, but for whatever reason I elected not to here. The flop was even great or a disaster, so I took my shot and pushed all-in, my opponent hit on the river to send me out in 2nd, but I’m happy with how I played overall.


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2nd Place in NL Sit-N-Go

Just finished over an hours grind on a NL Sit-N-Go table, I’ve lost two or three of these tonight, and in all suffered most of my losses down to sheer bad luck, I’m getting really sick of being done out of an important pot or being sent to the rail because some idiot called me when they shouldn’t have and then got lucky on the river, so a cash finish here was really important.

Anyways back to the tournament, it was pretty standard play throughout most of it, there wasn’t any craziness, only noticeable thing was the then chip lead throwing is weight around a lot. As people got busted out though the game intensified, and as soon as the 5th person got knocked out there was a huge fight on, the chip lead was in a comfortable position by this point with around $3k ahead of her closest competition the rest of us where pretty even, which caused for a great amount of action.

I managed to last out to 3rd place so I was in the money, but I really wanted to get beyond 3rd place, as I’ve finished in 3rd twice now, so despite being at least $2k bellow my nearest in chips I stepped up the pace and became more aggressive as you should do shorthanded, it paid off as soon I was almost level with one of my opponents. The new chip leader at this point seemed content to let us battle it out alone, and would only enter the pot if one of us folded.

Lots of aggressive battles took place between us whilst the chip leader sat back, and I’m pleased to say that I eventually got the better of my opponent and had secured 2nd place money, this is easily credited to my recent short stack and heads-up experience.

Now although happy with 2nd place I had my best chance yet at finishing first with the chip leader in site, so I went for it. All was going well, until my opponent semi-slow played his nut flush, when I made my straight, wrongly sensing weakness I made my move, the pot was vast by now and it was clear the winner would take the tournament, so I was a little devastated when the cards where turned.

Still I kept up my end pretty well, but now only having a little over $200, and with blinds in the range of 400/600 plus a $25 dollar ante I was all-in in the very next hand, I managed to get lucky and win that hand and one or two more that followed, and I began to hope for a miracle, it wasn’t to be, my opponent played his part well and kept up the pressure, eventually I moved all-in with JTs and missed the flop, my opponent took the pot and the tournament with ace high, leaving me to finish second.

Although I’m disappointed at not finishing 1st I’m happy with 2nd for now, and after several bad runs with the Sit-N-Go’s earlier I really needed the extra money awarded for finishing above 3rd for a change.

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