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4th This Time

Still feeling okay I decided I’ll sit in another Sit-N-Go, pick up another point before the days out. I’m pleased with how I played here, although I’m not sure my final push was the right move…. otherwise though I think I did well to get to 4th, only held two good holdings, had to drop my queens and my AKs was a split pot, so I was short stacked throughout most of the match. I managed to hang on and pick a few spots to steel some blinds, but the blinds just got the better of me this time, happy to earn another point towards my bonus though.

Here’s the key hands :

The short stack had been going all-in a lot to try and double up, so when I picked up queens I opted to limp and make an aggressive re-raise to isolate him, but some jerk got carried away with his 3’s and I had to fold.

See a flop for free from the BB with J6 and spike two pair on the turn. I think I got the most I could out of it, he could have folded on the river if I checked down the turn just as easily.

I wouldn’t usually re-raise here, but the table was weak, and I was way ahead of the callers range, and I didn’t want to be in a multi-way pot, I committed myself, but my hand was either way ahead or only a slight dog, so felt it was worth the risk to reduce the field in this case.

A bigger pot would have been nice with AQ, but settled for the blinds and pushed all-in to deter a loose call from one of the big stacks.

This seems like a desperate move, but glancing back at what I had left behind, I couldn’t hang on much longer so pushed all-in whilst I still had chips to get a fold and hopefully get lucky. It wasn’t my turn to get lucky I guess.

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4 Times!

I’ve just been railed again, this time in 4th, by yet another opponent who makes trips to bust me. This is now the 4th consecutive game where I have lost a crucial pot to an opponent who made trips, 3 of those cost me my tournament seat… I am not fucking happy.

This 4th time I was short stacked with less then ten big blinds and find AA. Now I knew this was risky on the onset, but took and chance, its not so much loosing the pot that pisses me off, its the same thing happening 4 times in a row!

Anyways I’m short stacked and if I win the pot outright before the flop I will barley have ten big blinds, it would be better then nothing but it wouldn’t be good enough, so I decided to try and sell a call. I did this by making a standard 4xBB raise to 600, leaving me with a little over 800 and offering the best odds I could for someone to call without inviting too many people in on the action.

I get one caller which is exactly what I wanted, but I get a terrible flop, TxT, I have no choice, I’m pot committed and go all-in, hoping for a fold, but instead I’m greeted by JT who flopped trips, I miss my outs on 4th and 5th and are on the rail again.

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Game 1

Just been railed in 4th in my first game. I got lucky very early with AQs and doubled up through a busted flush draw and held onto a similar size stack all the way to 4 handed.

I felt like a bit of a rock though, at one point, I only saw the flop 6% of the time, but with a healthy stack, although not a huge one and no cards I didn’t feel the need to gamble. When it came down to 4 handed though, I think I left it a little too late and should have picked up more pots as I was now the short stack.

I think I played the final hand OK, but I have ran into the same situation several times before so I’m not sure. My reasoning on this hand, where two fold, I couldn’t check on such a safe flop, I was certain he didn’t have trips and give a free card to hit a king, queen or ace, and a standard raise was surely getting called by AK / AQ, so I thought pushing here was my best option.

I hate my minimum re-raise, but I guess I played it scared and wanted to take a look at the flop before I pushed, in hindsight I was probably better just jamming pre-flop instead of being overly worried about a rag ace calling,  given this fact I was probably better simply calling his raise rather then re-raising the minimum.

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Well, I lost, got bubbled and came out in 4th. Really really gutted about it too, didn’t play too badly, but again I think I threw it all away short handed, my shorthanded and even heads-up play has really taken a nose dive recently, and I need to give myself a good hard kick to turn it around!

Anyways, thought I’ll post my first pic of my bankroll with Poker Prospector, its doesn’t show the full picture, because its only graphing the last twenty Sit-N-Go’s as I don’t have the others to import (hopefully I’ll get those soon), and the graph doesn’t include the initial deposit (only shows profit I think) so its off by about $60, but it does show the profit / loss over the last few days.

(click the thumbnail to view full size)


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