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Made 3rd Place on 4% of My Dealt Hands

Just finished another pleasant Sit-N-Go on Poker Stars. I only made 3rd place, but achieved that by only playing 4% of my dealt hands, and that was including the blinds, it was a good experience for me, as lately I’ve probably been playing too many vulnerable hands as the blinds increase, because I’m worried that I need to take a pot. Goes to show that with loose aggressive players knocking each other out, you can afford to wait for a real hand, even when the blinds are stepping up and then punish them.

Here’s the key hands :

UTG, I found AKs and raised to 6xBB pre-flop, more then I would usually, because the table had show itself to call down with a wide range of hands, and I wanted to avoid any suited junk calling to hit two pair, etc. Its folded around to a loose player, who I had seen call a 5xBB raise with 45s, and then the short stack on the button, re-raises all-in for just a little more. We both call.

On the flop, I couldn’t risk having the loose player hang around to spike a pair, so I moved all-in, if he had the Q, I could still get lucky and win, the loose player folds, and its a race between me and the button who shows JJ.

Having only played the one hand so far, I opened with a raise with AJs, hoping the player in the BB, who seemed to play with his ego, rather then his cards would give it up. My hand was strong enough for him to call, but I didn’t want to face a re-raise from him.

The action was now 3 handed, and I found 99 in the small blind. I needed to raise, and a limp, re-raise was pointless because it would only invite a call from the BB, a standard raise would also attract company, so I moved all-in.

This was my final hand, where I held J9 and with an M of less them 4 I moved all-in. I could have folded here, but knew as soon as my stack drops bellow $1k, this guy will call me with just about anything if I push, so felt it was now or never and moved all-in. I felt good about the hand, being only a 6:5 dog, but missed my outs this time and finished in 3rd place.

Surprisingly, besides the occasional free flop from the BB, those where the only hands I played the entire match.

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Spirit Back!

I’ve just had a really great game that has given me my spirit back!

The game was pretty normal until it became 3 handed, and then it became a huge blood bath. The short stack battled her way up (again I’m assuming a she here) eventually taking the lead from the chip leader and I was in real danger of coming out 3rd. I was desperate to beat her at this point, not through her doing but because an observer in the chat window kept on shouting out for her to beat me, which I thought was pretty rude an angred me so much I’m about to complain to Poker Stars!

Anyways, I was getting really low on chips around the $2k mark when my computer dies! it reboots immediately and I quickly log back on to Poker Stars, whilst mutter swear words at Microsoft lol, the table pops up automatically, which was nice and saved me having to search for it, where I find the now chip leader (my nemesis :p) had increased her lead by a huge amount and I was now close enough that I might make 2nd.

I kept battling away and eventually the short stack was put all-in for the second time by the chip leader and was sent to the rail. I was pleased for the guaranteed 2nd place money, but I thirsted for the win. I didn’t change up much, and only two or three hands into heads-up, I had my opponent where I wanted her, I made the nut straight on the turn, and bet out to put her all-in, her leading initially only had $55 dollars left so made the call knowing she was beat with AT and I took down the win.

I put this win down to two key points :

1. Playing hands like KQ, JT, QJs, correctly and perhaps better then I have ever done up to know.

2. Secondly I really, really, really wanted this win, the title was even more important then the money this time, and that kept me aggressive and striving for the win, rather then allowing myself to give-up and become passive, accepting 3rd or 2nd place money.

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