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Handsome Hands

I’m going to make an effort to post a few hands, which don’t involve all-in decisions or bad beats, which have been the majority of my posted hands in recent weeks so to kick things off, I’ll post a few hands from today :

First Game of the day, 2/4c NL cash game

I’m in early position, and raise to 4xBB with AQs. The flop is harmless enough, anyone who called a 4x raise should not hold a 2 or a 3 here, I may have been up against a small over pair though, I lead out with a bet of 2/3 the pot. I thought that might have ended it there, but I get two callers.

The turn brings only an inside straight and it checked around. The river brings a jack, which is a scary card for me, as the better could have easily called my pre-flop raise with AJ, KJ, QJ or even JT.

A few things go through my mind. I don’t want to get bluffed out of the first pot I have built up, and I was about to leave the table, if I fold here, I wouldn’t be happy until I regained my loss so considering the pot odds, I opted to make the call in case he was bluffing. It wasn’t an easy call, I came very close to folding, so actually think he made a good stab at it on the river, the downfall was his weak bet, against a stronger player I might interpret this as a value bet or trying to sell a call, etc but here it just looked too weak, if he had the jack he would be better much more, 40c at the lest, even with me checking down the turn. I was obviously dead to a pair, but would have expected a pair to wake up on the turn, and check on the river when the jack hit.

$1 + $0.20 Sit-N-Go – 1

Here’s a hand I was very proud of, an aggressive and tricky opponent was representing trips. I had made numerous notes on him throughout the match, and went over every little detail I had on him, and eventually happy with my read, pushed all-in with A high. He fold and I take down the pot.

A poor read in a similar situation against the same player, lead to my exit in 4th however, so I guess he got his revenge.

Here’s a thread I’ve opened on the above hand, as I have doubts that I was committed to it, even against an aggressive player.

Kicker Trouble

$1 + $0.20 Sit-N-Go – 2

I was excited to see this flop, as you’d expect, but as is usual when I hit trips, theres a draw or two out there so I lead out. I’m less happy when I see 4 calls behind me, but I try and remain optimistic I’ll still be ahead at showdown, and take down a nice pot. Then the worst possible card comes which could complete a straight or the flush, I check and a player behind me makes a large bet, an all-in follows for only 75 more, and two callers call behind, I’m done with this hand.

Do you ever get a feeling where you should play that total trash you pick up, well I had that feeling this time, I was tempted to see a flop with this actually, but having a short stack who had started to push all-in on acting behind me put me off, I didn’t want to threw on 100, only to have to drop it when the little guy moves in, I can’t call with this trash.

However, now and then its a good idea to see a flop with that trash you felt good about pre-flop, this is a prime example lol

I play well up to this point, really well compared to how I feel I’ve been playing lately, and then I play this hand so fucking stupidly, that it puts my tournament on a knife edge, which of course stabbed me in the fucking chest when I push, and my opponent flops trips. I’m sick of loosing with the lead hand when I’m all-in, but its stupid play like this that put me in that position in the first place, so I have only myself to blame.

I played that hand so stupidly, I new he would raise like that with any two cards and had beeing doing, as I couldn’t defend myself with a very short stack still hanging around at bubble time. On the flop I was sure I was way ahead, so instead of leading out an or coming over the top, I slow play it and let him bluff at it. The play on the turn was even worse, he could have easily been pushing the action with 78 and then re-raised with a straight.

I’m so angry with myself for blowing all my good work early on. I need a cup of tea!

Thats poker baby :p

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Bad Play

Just ran unlucky in a second scheduled $0.50 tournament on Poker Stars, the final hand I’m forced to push all-in just before another blind increase with only around 9 big blinds. I’m praying everyone will fold, but the one guy I know who will call with anything, I get my wish and even before his cards are flipped I’m confident my cards are good.

I’m cooled on the flop though, I hit top pair with my ace but my opponent flops two pair, I don’t improve and I’m on the rail.

The turning point for me was having to abandon AQs after putting in too much money for the early stage of the tournament, I should have checked the flop rather then made a continuation bet, I played it dumb and paid the price.

Crap, it gets worse, after loading the hand I’ve just realized I wasn’t even suited, I shouldn’t have even limped in with this so early. I think the table dynamic put me off my usual game, it seemed tighter then usual, I was soon proved wrong, this was a very bad play.

In slightly brighter news I sat in a standard Sit-N-Go earlier and cashed in 3rd, a little disappointed as I played well, but just couldn’t get past the big stack when 3 handed. I did take down too large pots with a couple of traps though, one when I was lucky enough to flop a nut flush and sold myself as weak to induce a bluff and another when I made trips with AJ.

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Most Suck-Outs Ever?

I’ve just got off another (play) limit cash game, and got sucked out with rags so many times, I’m actually a little shocked I managed to leave with any money at all.

Here’s a little selection of my starting hands, all lost big time to rags which hit a set or full house, etc on the turn or river, often when I’ve hit trips, including trip aces!

AQ – x2

All my other hands I either folded (nearly all) or was allowed to limp in or check the blind with a suited connector (67s, 89s), if I missed the flop I’d then fold without much of a loss, but the above hands cost me virtually all my buy-in.

My 3rd AQ finally holds up tripling my money, but by now I’m so far behind that I’ve only just recovered my buy-in amount, another few hands with only rags appearing and I leave with the same amount that I bought in with, first time I haven’t made a loss or a profit.

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Aucto splendore resurgo

I rise again with increased splendor.

Noticed some simple, but effective advise that I haven’t noticed in response to an earlier post I made on HPT. All totally right of course, online players are crap, I should target them and make them pay for there mistakes, not fear being sucked out on or go on tilt when some donkey gets lucky!

I’m laughing as I write this as it has totally just been affirmed, was playing pretty well on a short handed limit table, improving my play at a short handed game, when more loose aggressive players come on the scene…. I fold and wait, I fold and wait, I check, I fold and wait…. and then I hit my cards AQs and take a huge pot…. very next hand I hit my favorite holding AK, wasn’t suited this time, but I got the maximum out of all of my opponents, and tripled my money for the first time in ages on a FL table.

Very Happy 🙂

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