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Multiple-tabling, whilst on a bad run?

Too quick to judge, maybe, but after one long session, cashing in only two out of my eight games, suggests I’m on a bad run, especially considering some of the hands. AK and KK both run into aces, my TT gets out flopped by 77, and my AQ gets out flopped by AJ…. I could go on, but you get the idea.

So, I’ve come to thinking, should I be multi-tabling the Sit-N-Go’s whilst I appear to be on a bad run?

The statistical approach, at least from what I understand of it, suggests that I should, as everything evens out in the end, and the more hands I play the sooner I’ll get through the bad run. Then there’s the psychological approach that suggest you should stop and take a break, because a bad run can affect your play, and put you on tilt.

Well I’m certainly not on tilt, not during the session anyway. Though I must admit to feeling a bit down about it afterwards, more so the final two games, where it was yet more of the same that I had experienced during the start of the session.

I’m pondering with the idea that I should slow down, and only play a single table…. (yes its a recurring theme for tonight / today) instead of 2 tabling them, as I feel like I’m on a bad run, and that way I’ll loose less, or actually lose money more slowly… but I can’t help reverting back to the statistical approach and I agree with it, as long as I’m not on tilt, and letting previous games affect the current session I should keep playing, and keep multi-tabling, if that’s what makes me happy, shouldn’t I?

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Very Very Pissed Off!

I am very very pissed off right now, I have just lost a huge pot with a set of queens when the river gave the winner a set of kings, added to this I have lost my last two Sit-N-Go’s by being river’ed its been a terrible night and I am fucking sick of loosing countless favorable situations!

Here’s my pain in full pictorial form :

This may have been avoided by a straight push all-in, I’m boggled as much as you are why I didn’t, but the result is still has unpleasant.

This fucking idiot called my all-in push on the turn, where he had only a 15% chance of winning, as he says “he had to take a look”.

I’ve still only played very few NL cash games, but this is twice my set has lost to a higher set made on the river, I am more then a little pissed off about it, I’m like the new fucking Mike Matusow or something!

According to Poker Stove, I was a 88% favorite to win the hand on the flop, and a 96% favorite to win on the turn.

EDIT : I continue some good play on a new table, and regain a chunk of my loss from the set vs set hand and pick up 2 FPP’s, but I’m still really disappointed about not taking that pot down.

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Wheres my rush?

I’m beginning to feel I’m jinxed in these cash games, I’m surrounded by crazy people raking in loads of huge pots and I’m constantly being let down. Here’s 3 key hands, which occurred in quick succession and all of them fail me :

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A Rut

I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my game at the moment. The really irritating thing is that my play although not on pair with my best has been pretty good.

I have just increased my recent loosing streak, not cashing in my second game of the evening, the first one I could see my mistake, I read my opponent as weak, he was with only ace high, but he didn’t back down to my all-in raise, he called, and my QK didn’t improve, it was reckless to try such a move against such an opponent.

The second game however, was even worse. I play tight initially, tighter then usual in fact to make sure I’m not tilted from the previous loss and hit AJ, I’m in late position so raise 4xBB, I get a couple of callers, I miss the flop so when its checked to me I check, two people stay in with me to the river, checking all the way where I hit my jack, the other guy folds and my single opponent bets, I put him on a jack raise. He calls showing down Qx, he made top pair on the flop and checked it down, I couldn’t believe he did something so stupid and was annoyed that he won some of my chips in doing so.

A few good reads forcing me to abandon pots and a few worse flops, sees my stack slump to dangerous levels, where I get a bit of luck, from the BB I hit two pair with a free flop, I’m not much above 5 big blinds at this point so I push all-in, the same villain from earlier who slow played his queens shows down with a flopped straight, I don’t improve and I’m on the rail again.

This session as been a real pain so I’m going to have a break and recompose myself. I’m down to just under 4 buy-ins ahead of my deposit amount now after these two loosing sessions so I’m determined to pull it back tonight.

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