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A New High!

After taking 1st in another Sit-N-Go, I have now got my bankroll up to its highest point $83+ 🙂

This was my favorite hand of the match, and took quite a bit of work and patience to setup (believe it or not), so I’m very pleased to pull it off.,13290.0.html

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Thought it was time for a bankroll graph. The last months as been a bit of a nightmare, far too many swings in there, more then I’ve ever had actually. My early Sit-N-Go experiences where pretty consistent, cashing in most and winning at least one out of four, but as you can see its been a long time since I’ve been that consistent.

Some of the swings can be explained by variance, especially the later ones, where I was running awfully bed, bumping into trips virtually every time I was all-in, others can be explained by tilt and more perhaps by changing my play and not settling into a rhythm yet, either way things need to improve, and improve drastically.

Overall since I’ve begun playing online poker I’ve managed to build up some profit and hung on to it, the first milestone was $10 profit, which was a hard bubble to break, then I made it up to $20 and eventually got up to $30, before that dropped significantly back down to $20 where it has hovered around until now.

I think the overwhelming problem I’ve faced over these recent weeks, months is a lack of confidence in my own abilities (not always, but frequently), which has allowed doubts and uncertainty to creep in effecting my play, I find it hard to stay confident at times, but I’m going to have to, as I’m sick of these swings.

I’m hoping to get behind this, and have set myself a target to have $20 profit by the end of the week, which should be easy on the $5 Sit-N-Go’s, but I should be able to do it on the $1 Sit-N-Go’s, so I’ll start with them and sit in $5 tournaments now and then, as I still need to get used to the style of play there.


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Just finished my second and final game of the day with a very poor finish. Scored a 2nd place cash relatively quickly in my first game, though I should have won the thing really.

Opted for another 18 player event for my last game, but made terrible play early, I thought the river had been dealt and I call an all-in with top pair, but that was only the turn another flush card comes on the turn to improve my opponents pocket kings to a flush. I settle in after that and regain my stack, but after a few blind increases I’m short stacked again so push with AQs, everyone folds, next hand I find AJ and push again as I still only have 11 BB’s, I get called by A6s who hits a 6 on the flop to beat me, damit!

Despite feeling good about getting my bankroll up to near $80 I’m struggling to keep my head focused for more then one game per day, this sucks, need to give myself a good kick up the bum to get back on track.

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Thought its about time for another bankroll graph upload, I admit to holding out a little whilst I was in the huge down swing. It shows the huge swings I’ve experienced in the last few weeks, which are the biggest I’ve gone through so far.

I put the first huge swing down to tilt, the positive return down to gaining a bit of confidence back and getting lucky at some key moments. The gradual negative swing I put down to making some bad plays in consecutive games that I expect was rewarded when I was on tilt, this was the whole negative re-enforcement thing I wrote about recently.


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A V.Good Day

I’ve Just finished my last game of the day with my second 1st place cash. I got lucky at a few crucial moments both in this game and the one before, but think I did everything I could to earn the win on each occasion and it just paid off for me this time around.

I’ve stepped my game up since my huge downswing and adjusted a fair amount, starting to do things differently. I am now far more likely to go all-in and put pressure on my opponents and I’ve been playing more aggressive in the blinds. I picked up a tip earlier which as helped me with my all-in decisions, that being if you are under 20 big blinds you are considered a short stack, before I only considered an all-in If I had the nuts or was bellow 10 big blinds, now I’ve improved that portion of my game a lot.

The picture bellow now shows my bankroll looking much more healthy 🙂


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Well, I’ve managed to make a small u-turn in my plummeting profits, after ending yesterdays session with a small profit, and I’m looking to build on that today to turn it around.

Had one game this morning, finished 3rd, which is a dam sight better then 4th, but I’m disappointed with myself, I should have won this one, a loose aggressive type for the short stack got lucky flopping a set against my slightly higher pair and doubled up, and I was too eager to bust him and made a bad call later on costing me the lead. Having to lay down a flopped set on a tricky board to an all-in raise on the river didn’t help either.

I haven’t improved my game in a while, so whilst I’m re-building my losses I’m also working on developing my skills, specifically getting practice with suited connectors as I seldom play them and working on playing AQ differently then I have done in the past.

Here’s a recent graph of my bankroll, you can clearly see the huge nose dive that I’ve just gone through, but I’m hopeful to get back up to my highpoint within the next few days.


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Post Pending…

Got things to write, but don’t have time / motivation yet, so just posting here to hold the space open – like to keep things in chronological order.


The last couple of days have been really stressing for me, but I’ve started to get a grip of myself and with a bit of luck in the right spots I’ll soon start re-building my bankroll again, I’m keen to hit that $80 mark again.

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Had a good run earlier with two back to back 1st place finishes, and was incredibly close to breaking the $80 mark, but my last game of the day didn’t come through for me, was totally card dead, only good hand I had all session was AKs, and I lost to a short stack who held T6, pairing is 6 on the turn! I was railed in 5th, when my middle pair ran into trip kings. I think I played well in this game, picked my spots and took down a few pots, I just didn’t have the cards, and as the blinds reached 50/100 my stack was getting very low. Only mistake was not pushing with my last hand pre-flop, I still would have got called I’m sure, but I would have felt better that I did all I could do.

Anyways the session hasn’t been too bad, a bad call cost me an early 5th place finish, two 1st place wins followed that, and I’ve just finished the day with another 5th place, two wins out of 4 games isn’t too bad considering the 1st place profit, if my 1st place finishes where only 2nd or 3rd place cashes the two losses would feel all the more painful.

My bankroll now is $76+ and I’m more then a little disappointed I didn’t make it to $80 tonight, but there’s always another game, and if I play as well tomorrow as I believe I have done today, I’m sure I’ll be well on my way to $90+ by the end of the day.

I’ve also decided to hold of taking a shot at a $5 Sit-N-Go, $170, which is what I need by bankroll management standards to play in the $5 Sit-N-Go’s still seems like a very long way off, but I’ve decided to not risk a relatively large amount of my bankroll on even a single game just yet, its not worth it, I might take a shot when I reach $100, but I’m un-decided yet.

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Small Contribution

Made another small contribution to my bankroll today. Out of the four Sit-N-Go’s, I cashed twice with a 1st and 2nd place finish, got railed on the bubble once, and have just been railed in 5th.

This last game was the worst by far, played well initially, but the last group of hands I played always ran into someone with total garbage who got lucky on the turn or the river.

Heres how my bankroll looks after todays session :


(click thumbnail to enlarge)

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My Bankroll

Here’s a graph of my bankroll over the last 30 days :


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