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I’ve been thinking a lot about my poker recently, not so much how I play, though I’ve thought of that as well, but more what I play, what I seem to be good at and how to advance. Despite my frequent periods of self-doubt and low self-confidence, I know I’ve got some talents at poker, sometimes I just feel great about how I play, but (theres always a but lol), I also feel I have some gapping holes in my overall abilities One could easily be that I often have to fight the pressure, where I shouldn’t really be pressured at all, another one could be that I can sometimes play too passively, where I should be picking up pots with aggression.

Most though, evolve around my lack of fundamental concepts, such as math and probability based plays, as well as EV and expectation. These are the areas that I really want to work, as above anything else they are largely to have the biggest impact on my success, especially at the micro and low stakes levels, where my read based plays are reduced in value, and often worthless.

Now that I’ve out lined the problem, its time to outline the solution. Its Sklanksy. I’ve got a copy of his NL Hold ’em Theory and Practice book, co authored by Ed Miller, which I intend to slowly work through day by day until I have these fundamentals bolted down. I’m also looking to pick up a copy of Sklansky’s Theory of Poker as soon as I can afford it.

As for the games, today I have been playing $2 heads-up sit-n-go’s exclusively, because they are very quick, usually lasting under ten minutes each, and a few of these have put me out of my comfort zone, which is good experience for me, and being on the “cash bubble” so many times, may actually help me get around my sometimes passive play on the bubble in the regular sit-n-go’s.

My main aim at the moment is to earn my deposit bonus on Poker Stars as quickly as I can, so I commit fully to the 1c/2c cash games for awhile without having to worry about picking up frequent player points for my bonus.

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Heads-Up Sit ‘N Go

Just finished my first NL Heads-Up Sit-N-Go, and managed to take first in around 7 minutes. The win covers my loss on the regular sit-n-go earlier, where I failed to cash, gave me an extra frequent player point for the day, and also gave me the pleasure of winning the first one of these I’ve sat in, which is always nice, so I’m feeling a bit better about my day now 🙂

I’m still feeling pretty rough though, so I’m not going to push my luck and sit in another game tonight, least I don’t think I will. Sometimes no matter how crap I feel I just can’t ignore the urge to play.

I think it will be prudent of me to include a few of these in my daily schedule of games, especially whilst I am working on my bonus, because they are completed far quicker then the regular sit-n-go’s and will help me earn the frequent player points quicker.

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Half Way There!

I’ve just finished 2nd in my first Sit-N-Go since my two days break from them, and had a nice game, took a pot with AA and KK, but then lost more then I should with an over-sized c-bet with my 2nd pocket kings. I managed to get to heads-up though and had a nice match, it was a good first game after taking a break from such a poor run.

Anyways besides the 2nd place cash, I earned one more FPP which now puts me up to 250 points, exactly half way towards my bonus, and I still have over 100 days left to earn those remaining points.

Time for a celebratory cup of tea 🙂

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Falling Behind

Havn’t had time for a single tournament today, been out most of the day and I’m too tired to focus on a game now, so I’ve missed out on a days much needed frequent player points.

After only earning one point yesterday and none today I am going to start falling behind in my bonus race if I don’t get back into my 4 a day routine, which is a situation I don’t want to be stuck in, I’ve worked too hard to keep on track to be forced to end up playing more and more games per day just to reach the deadline.

Hopefully I’ll have a productive day tomorrow, both in points and profit.

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Race To Bonus

I’ve started to consider whether or not I will be able to earn my bonus from Poker Stars, which will give me an extra $50 to my bankroll. The problem is that unlike Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars pay the full amount at once, which as the downside of me requiring to earn the full requirement of FPP (frequent player points) before the deadline is up.

Its something I am going to work towards, because as long as I’m playing to win a particular tournament instead of just to gain a single FPP I should only have positives, and the $50 extra is certainly a nice incentive to put the effort in.

After a quick calculation I’ve realized that I only need to earn 3 FPP’s per day starting tomorrow, which is easily achievable, of course that includes Christmas Day and assumes I will be playing everyday.

Remaining FPP’s required = 470

Current FPP’s Total = 30

Deadline = April 2008

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