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The hand says it all :

Here’s my HPT post on the hand :,14008.0.html

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Lessons in Tilt Control

I’m bored so despite still being ill, I’ve decided to sit in a 5/10c limit game, as when I get back to regular games I will be playing these and 10/20c limit games to supplement my Sit-N-Go play.

I have already realized that these games are going to provide me with huge lessons in tilt control. Virtually everyone is raising with hands I consider rags and raking in huge pots with utter trash, and then when I make a score I pay off to 56o who re-raised me and flopped trips, beating my pocket kings.

I tried the limit cash games originally to lower my variance and to hopefully improve my NL play, I never achieved either goal originally and its clear my variance will not reduce in the limit games, but I now have no doubt, achieving results in these limit games will improve my NL play.

Here’s the best hand of the game :

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Up and Down

Its been an up and down session today, cashed, then failed to cash in some Sit-N-Go’s, then made a profit from a cash game, then failed to cash in some more Sit-N-Go’s.

I let my emotions get the better of me in one Sit-N-Go, costing me a place in the money,  but  otherwise I think I played well, calling it a day now though, as I’m a little tired.

May not get any games done over the next two days, but I still have a bonus to earn so if I get the opportunity then I’ll sit in a couple of Sit-N-Go’s.

Merry Christmas xxx

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Very Very Pissed Off!

I am very very pissed off right now, I have just lost a huge pot with a set of queens when the river gave the winner a set of kings, added to this I have lost my last two Sit-N-Go’s by being river’ed its been a terrible night and I am fucking sick of loosing countless favorable situations!

Here’s my pain in full pictorial form :

This may have been avoided by a straight push all-in, I’m boggled as much as you are why I didn’t, but the result is still has unpleasant.

This fucking idiot called my all-in push on the turn, where he had only a 15% chance of winning, as he says “he had to take a look”.

I’ve still only played very few NL cash games, but this is twice my set has lost to a higher set made on the river, I am more then a little pissed off about it, I’m like the new fucking Mike Matusow or something!

According to Poker Stove, I was a 88% favorite to win the hand on the flop, and a 96% favorite to win on the turn.

EDIT : I continue some good play on a new table, and regain a chunk of my loss from the set vs set hand and pick up 2 FPP’s, but I’m still really disappointed about not taking that pot down.

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Finally after 4 1/2 hours of play and sitting at 3 tables at the same time, I turn it around and leave without a loss.

What an experience…

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Thanks To Cash Games

Thanks to some luck in 2/4c cash games I’ve got my bankroll back to $80 dollars. Only sat in two Sit-N-Go’s today, and finished 5th in each.

I’m going to focus sometime in the cash games between Sit-N-Go sessions now, to try and improve my success in the Sit-N-Go’s, as I havn’t been running too good lately. I think I’ve lost some of my confidence with mediocre hands in the tournaments that I used to take down pots with to help keep afloat until I landed a big hand, so hopefully some time on the cash tables well help me get this confidence back.

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My Turn

I’m sat in a cash game, and flop a set. I’m re-raised, but I don’t credit him for the straight, probably as this is an aggressive cash game, and I wanted a change from playing tight and conservative like I start off in tournaments. Anyway he does hold the straight, but I flop quads on the turn 🙂

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Lack of Consistency

I’ve been suffering from a lack of consistency lately in my play, which is evidence by my bankroll graphs, showing some rather serious ups and downs.

Lately I’ve just been making lots of stupid mistakes costing me tournaments and counteracting any previous wins where I played well. I keep trying to shake myself out of it, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m loosing my cool quickly at the tables too,  which is probably the main factor leading me into making so many silly and avoidable mistakes. I’m starting to feel rather pissed off about it, but I have only myself to blame, I really need to be able to remain composed and keep up some consistency, which I managed so well early on when I switched to the sit-n-go’s.

Despite only playing one game so far, I might not sit another unless I perk up a bit later, I’m not desperate for FPP’s to reach my bonus yet, so sitting in a tournament where I don’t feel I’m able to play my best isn’t going to do me any good at all.

I’ll probably sit in another 1c/2c NL cash game later though to try and make a little profit for the day.

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Thats Better

Just left a 1c/2c NL cash game on Poker Stars with a nice little profit, to reduce my earlier losses. Made $1.54 in only 24 hands, I could have sat a little longer, but I still don’t feel comfortable in the cash games, I’d hate to see my profits disappear so only played for a few orbits.

Think I played well and took down a couple of nice pots. A couple of hands before the blinds reached me when I was going to leave I find pocket aces, and am excited about taking down another nice pot before I leave, I make a standard raise and everyone folds, ah well, a small win is better then a big loss 🙂

I’ve reduced my ring games net loss from when I was playing limit cash games to only -$1.85, which is nice. I’m looking forward to getting this in the black so my Sit-N-Go profits aren’t reduced to cover those early losses.

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Crap Day

Well its been a crap day today, lost 3 games in a row, so calling it a do, although I’m planning on sitting in on a cash game later. The good news is that all 3 games where totally different and each gave me something to think about, and reminded me of some weaknesses.

The first game never gave me action for my strong hands which reminded me I need to bluff now and again, which is something I hardly ever do online, but do pretty well live. The 2nd game reminded me that if someone is calling you all the way to showdown, they sometimes do have a hand, even if the do make a habit of doing it with nothing.

Finally my last game showed a weakness in my game when I have a maniac on my table. My normal strategy is to be patient and to not tangle with them and then when the cards come stack them, if the cards don’t come though as they didn’t in this game I’m left short stacked and am under even more pressure not to make a move. In this instance Mr Lunatic raised virtually every pot regardless of what he held, I should have played back at him and re-raised with some speculative hands, rather then just let him dominate the table whilst I fold to his constant raising.

I don’t feel I have played well at all today, but not too badly either, in two games out of the three I was beaten by pocket aces and the other by a set. At least I picked up some much needed points and bumped into some situations to get me thinking.

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