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Change of Focus

When I first started playing around with poker online, I naturally favored the NL (no-limit) tables as this is what I have always played off-line, however far too many all-in moves by other players annoyed me so much, instead of staying and winning big pots, I moved to the PL (pot-limit) tables and quickly became accustomed to them, netting several thousand each day in play money.

Now though, I’m at the start of another more radical change in focus, I have begun to concentrate on the fixed limit tables. This is for two main reasons:

  1. When I get back to the “real money” tables limit games will help keep my variance down.
  2. I expect that becoming good at the limit games will greatly improve my abilities on the no-limit games.

This move has presented me with two problems I didn’t face on the other games:

  • Not being able to force players off a drawing hand so easily
  • It is harder to work out an opponents holdings

Thankfully though I have two aids at my side, Jennifer Harman’s chapter on Limit Hold’em in Super System 2 by Doyle Brunson and Lee Jone’s, Winning Low Limit Hold’em.

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