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A Rocky Start

I think I’ve had what could be termed a rocky start so far. Was in profit from my first game, and remained so for the following four games, then I hit a relatively large loss, thankfully absorbed by my previous profit which was then followed by an inconsequential win. Next however came another relatively large loss, putting me bellow my deposit amount for the first time.

Both losses where a big blow, especially the latter, where I wasn’t trying out multi-tabling. However after a nice, albeit small win I have recomposed myself a little and are starting to think that a break from play, even just a day (probably all I could bare) would do me some good. It will give me time to analyze how I’ve played in more detail and to look for areas of improvement, time also to get back to Lee Jone’s book ‘Winning Low Limit Hold’em’, which as been on the shelf for the past week, then with any luck / skill I’ll be able to return to the tables in a more focused and disciplined frame of mind and begin to start increasing my bankroll once again. Hopefully my cold will be out of my system by then too.

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Profit > $2

Yippee my first mile stone, I’ve earned over $2 in profit. I’m only playing short games as I feel up to it at the moment, generally thirty minutes max, and I think that’s having an effect on my stats, not staying long enough to accumulate any wins into sizable amounts, and in some games at least I’ve played too loose. Whilst I’m ill though, I’m not too fussed about how the stats look or how small my winnings are, as long as I’m leaving in profit I’m happy.

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Couldn’t Wait…

The title says it all, I couldn’t wait, I simply just had to sit down and have a little game. It worked out good though, despite having a cold, I walked away with 23c in profit, not much, and under normal circumstances I would have hung around to try and turn that into a couple of dollars profit, but its late / early, I’m tired and full of cold, so I took my tiny profit and left the table ahead.

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Poker Stars Deposit

Well it is done, just made my first deposit on Poker Stars as planned for $50.

Been waiting for ages so usually I’ll dive right in and have a game, but I’ve been run down with a cold / flu for the last few days, so playing with “real money” for the first time in ages at this point probably isn’t a good idea, so I’ll try and wait… I don’t expect to be able to hold the urge to play for long though lol.

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